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This is the 2018 Gemini Forecast done using the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to this forecast on my YouTube channel at  If you want to check out the Wee Folk Toracles deck for yourself, go to my website at

Your first card, Gemini, is quite dark in comparison to the other three cards, but dark does not necessarily mean bad or negative. Sometimes, dark is just the opposite of light or an inability to see something clearly. With that said, the being on this card is very unique. Due to the darkness of the card, she is difficult to see, but there is a bit of light that has brought her out a bit. She is hairless, has dark eyes, and the end of her nose is lit up by a small ball of light. Her neck is dark, but her shoulders and arms can be seen quite clearly. The most interesting aspect here is that her arms create a heart shape where her chest and stomach should be. She is looking directly at you with her head tilted just a bit to the side as though puzzled by something. It is also obvious that she has tried very hard to blend into her surroundings - perhaps, hiding from something. With these impressions in mind, let's flip the card and see who she is and what she has to say to you.

Her name is Sulan and her subject matter is "The Image". She says: "There is something about the physical image that can take your breath away. Perhaps it is one specific characteristic such as the color of the eyes, the silkiness of the hair, or the natural softness of the skin. Everyone has at least one incredible feature. The true image, however, is reflected to the outside from the inside. Beautiful thoughts, kindness, compassion, sincerity, and the integrity list goes on. These things are what makes you truly irresistible."

Sulan's message seems to be one of the heart, Gemini. It seems that you may have lost your way somehow and are not following your true heart's path. To cover up your confusion and your inability to see the path clearly, you may be focusing on something trivial which means something that really has no bearing on what you're truly meant to be doing. Because of this, you may be feeling that there is nothing special about you and that you are just "one of the crowd". The fact is, you are an amazingly unique individual and this has nothing to do with your outward appearance. It is what you have inside - what you have in your heart - that makes you this amazing person. Unfortunately, at this time, your heart is not the passionate red that it should be which means you need to find your heart's passion again and get moving on that path.

The second card, Gemini, shows a man wearing an English type cap with red hair. He is wearing what looks like a black coat and black shoes and is sitting in a quiet, secluded spot. He is, obviously, absorbed in the book or the papers on his lap. The impression is that what he is reading is extremely personal which is why he has chosen a place to read where he will not be disturbed or be bothered by the input of others. He is also facing Sulan (the first card) which means that her message is very important to him. His large coat says that he is prepared to get all the information he needs from what he is reading even if he has to sit in that spot through the cold winter months. Let's flip this card and see what he has to share.

His name is Hal and his subject matter is "The Scholar". He says: "Within each of us there is the need to "know". To understand the subject of our curiosity, we must study the work of others who were interested in the same subject. It is not enough to skim the surface - you must become the scholar. For, you see, if a subject calls to you, this tells you that you need this information. You will have a use for this information in the future. If time to gain this knowledge is crucial, you will be given signs. Do not ignore this scholarly pull."

Hal's message, Gemini, works hand-in-hand with Sulan's message. You've lost your way, Sulan says. The way to find it, according to Hal, is to stop trying to find your answers from the people around you, but to go in search of it yourself. This journey - finding your heart's path - is a personal one and you are the only one who will recognize it when you see it. This journey also begins with something you are passionate about. Perhaps you have a specific skill that you would like to dig into more deeply or a certain interest that has always piqued your curiosity. Maybe you have noticed certain signs that you should explore something specific, but weren't sure if the signs were for you. Rest assured, if you have received these signs, there is no mistake. They have been given to you for a reason. Remember, signs come in many different forms. It could be your dreams, a street sign, a specific line that stands out in a movie, a random thought that seems to make no sense, and so on. If you feel it is a sign, especially if it correlates to something you've recently been thinking about or doing, don't discount it. It's the Universe's way of letting you know that you're on the right track. So, Gemini, Hal is telling you to take the time in 2018 to discover your passion. Doing so will bring you out of your confusion and get you back on your path.

The third card, without a doubt, shows a Wee Folk who is a pirate. He has the pirate hat, the sword, and a peg leg. He is also a child. He may just be playing dress up or, in his Wee Folk world, perhaps he is the child of a pirate. He is standing alone, obviously ready for battle action if necessary, but is currently more in "look out" mode. Despite his peg leg, he is not crippled in any way and has a certain no nonsense air about him. He is also looking to the right - the direction he plans to take - yet he is not moving forward. Let's flip his card and see what he wants to share with you.

His name is Jacob and his subject matter is "The Pirate". He says: "Pirates spent their lives seeking wealth and searching for lost treasure. Are you living in the past, pining away for what "used to be?" Is your existence all about money and material possessions? The pirate's message to you is to let go of the past and look toward the future - rid yourself of past burdens. Take the time to discover what your heart wants. No amount of money or material possessions will bring you forward to your soul's path."

Jacob is offering two messages here, Gemini. The first shows in the fact that he has his back to the first two cards. This means that he has decided not to heed their messages and to just try to move forward on his own. This decision has no clear picture, so all he can do is stand in one spot, "pretending" that he knows who he wants to be and where he is going. It is not his peg leg that makes people believe he is crippled, it is his refusal to acknowledge the wisdom he receives. The second message Jacob shares here is that you can find your "treasure" - your heart's passion - by looking at your childhood. Oftentimes, what brought extreme joy and pleasure in childhood is a precursor to your heart's passion. You need to discover this childhood passion and be ready to move forward when you discover it. In 2018, Gemini, there can be no more excuses. Let go of the past - anything that keeps you from finding that heart's passion. Understand that though what you discover might bring you money, you are not meant to pursue something just because you believe it will line your bank account. Your true, heart's path will be something that you can't wait to share with others and that you would gladly give to others for free. Don't worry though, Gemini, when you are on the right path, treasure of some sort always seems to come, but it's not always just in monetary form.

Your last card, Gemini, shows a man with long, wavy hair. He has bushy, pointed eyebrows. We can also see his ankles and feet clearly, but where is the rest of his body? In the original photo, this man is within a large rock and his feet are the only things that are separate from the rock. He is walking toward Jacob (the third card) which means the two cards are connected. The impression is an older man speaking to a young boy, but let's flip the card and see what this Wee Folk's message is for you.

His name is Opine and his subject matter is "The In Between". He says: "The world, as you see it, appears solid, but this is an illusion. If you understand the true nature of reality, you would have no difficulty accepting change. For, in fact, your thoughts create change. You appear to live in a solid world and in a world created in your mind, so you actually exist "in between". If there is something you are dissatisfied with, you are not helpless. You are capable of changing the "state" of things by understanding their dual position."

Opine is very clearly telling you, Gemini, that nothing is written in stone, nothing is impossible, and that you can create whatever life you want to create for yourself. However, if you have it in your mind that you can change nothing, then you will get exactly what you expect and nothing will change. You don't want to remain stagnant or standing still as Jacob is and spend your life "pretending" to be something or someone you are not. When you discover your heart's passion, you cannot be afraid of what "might" be or what "might" happen or where it "might" lead you because nothing is ever exactly as it seems.

So, Gemini, the gist of 2018 is to create the life you want by looking back to your childhood to discover what you are truly meant to be doing. When you find it, put your all into it - study what you need to study, follow the signs, find people who are passionate too, etc. When you take this course of action, feeling lost and confused about who you are or where you're meant to be will be a thing of the past and you won't feel the need to hide away anymore. In fact, your heart will be so passionate about what you have discovered that you'll want to shout it from the rooftops! Happy New Year, Gemini!

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