Wednesday, January 3, 2018


This is the 2018 Scorpio Forecast featuring the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to this forecast on my YouTube channel at If you want to check out the Wee Folk Toracles deck for yourself, go to my website at

First thing of note here, Scorpio, is that three out of four cards in this layout are quite dark and a bit difficult to see in the photo, so you will have to follow along as each one is described. Keep in mind that dark does not mean bad or negative. It can just mean something hidden, something unseen, something difficult to see, something that is not ready to come forth yet or it can just be the opposite of light. So, with that said, Scorpio, let's take a look at your first card. This first card is a child card. It is a very young boy, sitting on the ground with his arms stretched out as though "playing airplane". On his head is a very unique hat - similar to a hat that might be worn in Africa. There is an emblem on the front of this hat too (in the position of the 3rd eye), though it isn't clear enough to see. In front of this little boy is a small drum. This little guy is also looking right at you which means his message is one you MUST understand and pay attention to. The impression of this card is that this little guy is taking "drum lessons", learning to play or learning to send out "tribal" messages to communicate from village to village. Currently, he is alone practicing as there is no other Wee Folk on the card, so as little as he is, he must have a calling. Let's flip this card over and see who he is and what message he has to share with you, Scorpio.

His name is Thimble and his subject matter is "The Rhythm". He says: "Everything that lives has a unique rhythm. A heart beats, yet all heart rhythms are not the same. Ten people together - each with a drum - each with one hand on their heart - the other hand mimicking the heart rhythm - no heart song is the same. You have a rhythm which means you are unlike anyone else. When you discover your rhythm, you will be in sync with your soul purpose. You will truly live by the beat of your own drum."

What wise words, Scorpio, from such a little fellow. Your unique rhythm, according to Thimble's card, began at a very early age, Scorpio. It is something that sparked your interest very young, though at the time, you may not have looked at it seriously as shown by Thimble's "playing airplane". However, this "rhythm" has not changed and, though, you may have moved on in your life doing other things, this special interest is always just beneath the surface because it is a part of your soul's purpose. It appears that 2018 is the year to start bringing that "unique rhythm" out into the open. You may or may not have been doing something with it on your own, but now you must find it and bring it forth to others just as Thimble would communicate messages village to village. If you are unsure of what this special calling might be, consulting your third eye could bring forth the information you seek. This would require meditation of some sort to allow your subconscious mind to bring forth the answers, but guess how you can do that? Yes, with the beat of a drum. Listening to a single drum beat can allow you to enter a light meditation where you can find the answers you seek.

Your second card, Scorpio, again appears "tribal". A young girl is standing within the foliage. She has dark skin, a type of headband (again, across the third eye) and she appears almost shaman-like - wise beyond her years. Though it is difficult to see on the card, in the original photo, she has a smile on her face similar to the Mona Lisa - as though she has a specific secret. She, too, is looking straight at you as Thimble was which means her message MUST be heard, and absorbed, by you as well. Despite her young appearance, she appears confident, relaxed, trustworthy, and happy. There is no fear here even though she may look as though she is lost. Let's flip this card over and see what she has to share with you.

Her name is Greyes and her subject matter is "The Path". She says: "When you look at me you may believe that I am lost amongst these plants. I assure you - my path is clear even when the eye cannot see the path. You have a path as well though you may feel very lost. If you allow yourself to move forward, even though you are unsure of the direction, you will eventually discover the stepping stones of the path you are meant to follow. You must move forward - never backtracking - and trust that you are being guided true."

The message Greyes shares here is that you may still be feeling a bit lost - not sure which direction to go as shown by the darkness of this card. You may even be feeling like a young teenager and wondering what "career path" to take. After all, there are so many things to choose from and you may believe that what you are currently doing is all you can do, but if it is not your "calling", then you will be feeling the urge to find something different. Thimble tells you where to look and how to find your unique rhythm which is a part of your soul purpose and Greyes tells you that, by doing so, your path will appear for you as long as you move forward and trust that you are being guided in the right direction by your Guides and the Universe. Consulting your third eye is part of this forward movement as the first card and the second card both have something over this third eye and Greyes advises "no fear" as you do so. She may also not be as young as she appears, but since she has found her path and her heart is joyful, she remains young at heart. This is certainly the reason for her secret smile.

Your third card, Scorpio, is really unique. The Wee Folk on it is nearly indescribable, but having discovered it myself in the original photo, I believe that it is a spider of some sort. In the original photo, legs can be seen hanging down of which only two light dots are shown on the card to indicate something is there. This card is also very dark - at least the area around this Wee Folk. The "spider" Wee Folk itself is kind of luminescent, making it stand out quite starkly from the background. Its little googly eyes are looking toward the last card in your layout which means they will be connected in some way. The impression this Wee Folk gives is, no matter how different you may feel, you must come forward and allow yourself to be seen. Let's flip the card and see who this unique Wee Folk is.

His name is Bebe and his subject matter is "The Puzzle". He says: "Every human is similar to a puzzle in that you are each made up of many different puzzle pieces. Each piece represents a different aspect of who you are and the puzzle must be put together to view the whole. Sometimes pieces do not seem to fit as you feel they should and this makes you confused about who you really are. To bring back clarity, you must examine the misfit pieces to determine if they are really yours or if they represent what someone else believes you should be. Being your true self completes your puzzle as the misfit pieces are gone."

Bebe's message to you, Scorpio, is about recognizing who you really are. If you consider a spider, it lives a very lone life, but during that lifetime, it creates the most amazing intricate designs which bring it necessary sustenance. Its one main feat is its egg sack which holds millions of tiny lives. The spider does not get input from its fellow spiders as to how to build the most effective web - it, instinctively, knows exactly what to do and how to do it, and that web will be unique to that spider. So, Bebe's image and message are urging you to discover the unique being that you are and to put that uniqueness forward. Create whatever it is that is unique to you - that special heart rhythm - that specific path - and do it without worrying about whether it is "good enough" or not. When it comes to your soul purpose, it is you who must put the pieces together for yourself without worrying about how others will react.

Your last card, Scorpio, is also quite dark and this being blends into the background nearly perfectly. She is unique as well - not exactly human-like, but close. She has a hairless head, eyes, a nose that kind of resembles the beak of a bird, a neck, shoulders and arms. Most unique here is that her arms create a huge heart shape. This heart is the most prominent part of her. She has her head turned just a tiny bit toward Bebe, yet her dark eyes are looking directly at you. These two cards, Bebe and this last card, are connected in a certain way. Let's flip this card over now and see what her message is to you.

Her name is Sulan and her subject matter is "The Image". She says: "There is something about the physical image that can take your breath away. Perhaps it is one specific characteristic such as the color of the eyes, the silkiness of the hair, or the natural softness of the skin. Everyone has at least one incredible feature. The true image, however, is reflected to the outside from the inside. Beautiful thoughts, kindness, compassion, sincerity, and the integrity list goes on. These things are what makes you truly irresistible."

Sulan's message, Scorpio, is about the heart which goes full circle back to Thimble at the beginning of this layout. What you hold in your heart is unique and beautiful. The experiences that created your heart's unique rhythm are yours and yours alone and no one will have the same, identical experiences as you have had. You may feel as though what your heart's rhythm dictates - what your soul purpose dictates - what your uniqueness dictates - is nothing compared to "what others have to offer". This is so very untrue and this is also why Bebe and Sulan are connected. It is that uniqueness - that ability to create something that no one else can create in exactly the same way and the heart that brings it forth that is what makes you just as wonderful as anyone else out there. Your heart, when it is following its soul path will "glow" bright and beautiful, no longer blending into the darkness, and the sincerity by which it comes forth, will be impossible for others to ignore. You must allow yourself to embrace your heart's desires. Hiding is no longer an option.

So, Scorpio, the gist of your 2018 forecast is that you have a unique heart rhythm that calls only to you. It is your soul purpose which you can discover by using that drum beat to bring forth the guidance you need to move forward on your life path. This discovery will allow you to see the uniqueness in yourself - showing you what you can create that is amazing and beautiful - and will finally allow you to be happy and secure in who you are. At that point, your heart will feel full and joyful and that beauty will shine out for everyone to see. Don't remain in the dark, Scorpio. It's not where you are meant to be. Happy New Year, Scorpio!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


This is the 2018 Libra Forecast done using the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to this forecast on my YouTube channel at  If you want to check out the Wee Folk Toracles deck for yourself, go to my website at

Your first card, Libra, shows a Wee Folk that you might expect to see in something like a Star Wars movie. Underneath his hooded cape, he has a very broad forehead, large dark eyes, and pointed ears, then his face slims down until it is just a small pointed chin. His nose can be seen too and a small line for his mouth just above his chin. The blade of grass that is lit up by the sun could almost be a light saber but, of course, this is an illusion. It truly is just a blade of grass. This being appears to be very serious as he looks directly at you. It is obvious that he feels what he has to say is extremely important to you which is why he is making direct eye contact. Let's flip the card over and find out who he is and what he has to say to you.

His name is Tau and his subject matter is "The Guide". He says: "You may believe that your life is unfolding in a series of random events that you have no control over. This is an absolute fallacy. You have guides, like me, available to you at all times, but to hear our suggestions and words of wisdom, you must open your mind. We come to you in dreams and answer your questions through songs, conversations, movies, and so on. Signs and symbols are how we communicate. You need only to open your eyes to "hear" us."

Tau is indicating, Libra, that perhaps, in 2017, you felt quite alone and that your life just wasn't going according to plan. This aloneness is an illusion, just like the grass blade light saber. You have guides and/or angels (whichever is your preference) to call upon any time. Their job is to help you on your life path - especially your main guide who has been with you since birth. Oftentimes these guides will give you nudges, trying to get your attention, so that you can see the path you are meant to take. If you don't "see" or "feel" or "hear" these nudges, then you feel as though you have no help in making any decisions. It is unfortunate that the guides cannot just set up a huge flashing neon sign that suggests you should do this or you should do that. This is not the way it works. They are working from "behind the veil", so to speak, which means their ways of reaching you are limited to your dreams and whatever is around you that they can make use of such as the radio. You need to open up your mind to the possibilities and allow yourself to "notice" the signs that are given to you, but to receive a sign, you need to ask for guidance. Once you do, a sign is forthcoming quite quickly. The question now is, will you notice?

Your second card, Libra, is quite dark. In fact, it is the darkest card in your four card layout, though the last card runs a close second. Dark does not necessarily mean bad or negative. It can mean something unseen or something hidden as well or it can be just the opposite of light. In this card, a child can be seen. He is wearing a conical witch's hat and a robe that appears to be too big for him. His shoes, what we can see of them under the overly large robe, appear to big for him too. It is obvious that this little one wants to stay hidden. Though his face is not clear, we can see that he is facing Tau (in the first card) which means that he is quite interested in Tau's message to you. Let's flip this card and see who he is.

His name is Palow and his subject matter is "The Tolerant". He says: "Long ago, intolerance for a person with unusual ideas brought about horrifying consequences or hysterical panic. Remember Matthew Hopkins - the Witch Hunter and/or the Salem Witch Trials. Intolerance comes from fear which, in turn, comes from lack of knowledge. It is not a thing of the past, though it should be. Those who are tolerant of the differences in others are evolving spiritually. The tolerant understand that accepting others for who they are means accepting themselves as we are all 'one'."

Palow, though a child, is quite wise, Libra. It seems that you may have had some kind of unconventional gift as a child and that it has been, for some reason, necessary to hide. Perhaps you were able to see spirits as many children can, but your gift was stronger than most. Perhaps you've had a secret longing to practice Wicca, but have not followed your wanting due to being afraid that others might not understand or accept your decision. Whatever this is, it came to you in childhood and has been in your mind for a long time, shelved when you are too busy to notice, but then it comes back to the surface. The fact that Palow is paying such close attention to Tau's message says that this "talent" or "desire" is a part of your life's path and your guides have been trying to encourage you to follow that talent or desire. If you have noticed their urgings, you have not acknowledged them, so you have that feeling of "aloneness". Perhaps it is time for you to "come out of the dark" and to find that path you are meant to be on.

Your third card, Libra, is also a child, but not a human child. This one is a child leaf. It is easy to see her textured head, eyes, and tiny nose. She is also holding onto a berry with one paw. As with Tau in the first card, she is looking directly at you which means that her message is specifically important to you. The way she is clutching the berry gives the impression that it is either one of her favorite things or that she is afraid of dropping it. Her one squinted eye gives the impression that she is winking at you too. Let's flip this card over and see what her message is to you.

Her name is Coral and her subject matter is "The Seedling". She says: "Every living creature begins from a seed. Upon birth, the seed becomes a seedling. A seedling cannot remain a seedling forever. That seedling must grow and perhaps, eventually, produce more seedlings to continue growth of the species. But, to understand the seedlings you produce, you must retain some of the seedling within yourself. In other words, you must remember the child you once were and allow that child to come forth in understanding and love. An adult who does not remember their inner child will cease to blossom. Remember how to play!"

Coral's message, Libra, is a confirmation to Palow's message. Having two children cards in a four card layout is a large indication that this "hidden" something is from your childhood and has been hidden away since that time. You clutch it tightly, but refuse to release your grip and let it out in the open for fear of being unaccepted. Coral is encouraging you to remember what it "felt" like in childhood when you first realized you had a special gift or talent and before anyone encouraged you to hide it away. She is encouraging you to "play" with this gift (her "berry" could be taken for a child's ball as well), not just clutch it tightly to your heart. The "wink" she seems to be giving you seems to be sharing that she understands what it is like to be "different" - she's on your side. Explore your gift and give it the understanding and love that you would have given it as a child when you first discovered it. If you do this, it will grow and you will love how this makes you feel. It won't matter what others think because you will be exploring something you've missed a great deal and will love how this feels.

Your last card, Libra, is also dark and the man within it is difficult to see. If the photo is unclear to you, this card holds a man dressed in an outfit similar to Robin Hood - same kind of hat, pants and boots. He has a beard and is quite concentrated on some sticks that he is holding. Perhaps he is attempting to make a fire by rubbing two sticks together. He is either squatted down or sitting on something that can't be seen. It is obvious that he is comfortable in the outdoors too. He has his back to the other three cards in your layout, but this does not mean that he is dismissing their messages. He must feel as though you understand their messages because he is looking to the right, doing what he needs to do to move forward. Let's flip this card and see what his message to you is saying.

His name is Deacon and his subject matter is "The Survivalist". He says: "You may feel that the world is in peril and you must prepare for what is to come. By all means, follow this path if this is what your heart dictates, but not if fear is your motivation. Getting back to the basics and living more simply in a more natural way is the call of your heart and soul. You know how as you have done it in other lifetimes. Study herbs, discover natural foods, learn to dowse for fresh water, but do not live in fear. Enjoy yourself and, perhaps, teach others your skills. You may have a calling."

Deacon's message, Libra, is a powerful one. Just as Palow was a dark card, Deacon is also a dark card. This is confirmation that your special gift is being hidden, but it also connects them telling you that whatever this special gift or talent is, it has to do with something considered unconventional, but of nature. Of nature means absolutely natural to you AND aligned with the Laws of Nature. Dressed as Robin Hood is unique too as Robin Hood did something that no one else had the "guts" to do. He stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Of course, Deacon's message is not telling you to do this, but he is telling you to follow your heart and to study whatever your unconventional gift is because, since the world is such a crazy place, you will have a great deal to offer others who are in need. Rub those two sticks together and get that fire going!

So, Libra, the gist of your 2018 forecast is telling you to open up to your guides and their help as you discover that childhood talent or gift. Bring it out into the open. Play with it, nurture it, and allow it to grow without worrying about what others might think of you. Then, when you are ready, offer it to the world in whatever way feels most natural to you. Do not stay hidden any longer, Libra. The world needs you. Happy New Year, Libra!

Monday, January 1, 2018


This is the 2018 Virgo Forecast done using the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to this forecast on my YouTube channel at  If you want to check out the Wee Folk Toracles deck for yourself, go to my website at

Your first card, Virgo, is unique as it is one of the cards in the Wee Folk Toracles deck that is not of a human-like image. This little Wee Folk resembles a leaf - a young one or child leaf - and if its coloring had not been a bit duller than the leaves around it, it would have not been seen at all in the original photograph. This little being has a pointed head and rough skin. One eye is squinted and the other is open. It has a tiny nose and whisker-type cheeks like a cat on either side of that nose. It is clutching a ball or berry tightly with one paw. It is also looking straight at you which means this card is specifically important in this reading. Let's flip this card and see what this little one has to share.

Her name is Coral and her subject matter is "The Seedling". She says: "Every living creature begins from a seed. Upon birth, the seed becomes a seedling. A seedling cannot remain a seedling forever. That seedling must grow and perhaps, eventually, produce more seedlings to continue growth of the species. But, to understand the seedling you produce, you must retain some of the seedling within yourself. In other words, you must remember the child you once were and allow that child to come forth in understanding and love. An adult who does not remember their inner child will cease to blossom. Remember how to play!"

Coral's message, Virgo, seems to indicate that you have been taking life far too seriously and hanging on far too tightly to something you believe is important to you. The fact is, what you are hanging onto IS important - this "seed" or "idea" as it nourishes you - but you are hanging on so tightly that it does not have room to breathe and grow. Coral knows how important the berry or seed she is holding is to her, but she is only holding onto it with one paw. Perhaps you need to release your grip a bit on what you are hanging on so tightly to. You can still hang on to it - should hang on to it - but do it with just one hand (metaphorically speaking). Doing this will allow it to manifest into something much bigger that will nourish you even more. You might even consider playing with it a bit. Being too serious can also stunt its growth, but playing will allow it some freedom to be creative, again, giving the opportunity for growth.

Your second card, Virgo, shows a human-like Wee Folk. He wears a type of crown, is very pale, has long dark hair, and holds a staff. He may seem pale due to the fact that his eyes are so dark. This doesn't appear to be due to sunglasses as there is no nose bridge piece. His eyes just appear to be dark patches. He, too, is facing you directly which, again, puts great importance on this card. Since he can not see you due to the patches on his eyes, you can consider that he is using his other senses to know that you are there. His royal image seems to be "less than real". If he were truly royalty, would he be hiding amongst the leaves as he is? Let's flip this card and see what he has to share with you.

His name is Barrister and his subject matter is "The Royal Guard". He says: "The Royal Guard depicts the conscious mind. Its job is to protect you and to make certain that you follow all rules and regulations that society imposes upon you. This Royal Guard has no patience for individual thought. It guards the entrance to your subconscious mind with a vengeance as that is the vault that holds all that is possible. To enter, the Royal Guard must be diverted. Meditation, hypnosis, and writing - any of these will require the Royal Guard to step aside - giving you access to all the amazing secrets of your existence."

Barrister's message to you, Virgo, is about finding truth. Your seriousness and your desire to do "everything the right way" is stunting your natural growth. Because you do not play as much as you should, your sight has become the "sight" of an adult instead of the glorious vision of a child who can see that "anything is possible". You "sense" that there is something very important you need to do, but cannot seem to "see" what that is. When you consider it or think about it, your conscious mind fills you full of untruths about what will happen if you follow what you are thinking about. This has to do with that "berry" you have been clutching so tightly. You are clutching it to your chest - to your heart - and your heart wants it to flourish into something amazing, but your conscious mind tells you that this is not possible. The conscious mind is not a bad thing as it keeps you safe within the "knowns" of life, but it absolutely refuses to accept change of any kind and it's change that you need, so you can get the nutrients you need to grow.

Your third card, Virgo, shows an elite young woman lying comfortably on the moss. She is, obviously, quite well-to-do with her fancy hat, styled curly hair, vest cape, and what looks like a glove on the arm that can be seen. She is focused on something in front of her on the ground - perhaps a book she is reading. She is very relaxed and not the least bit worried about anything that might be going on around her, but she does have her back to Barrister in the second card which means that she does not endorse what the conscious mind is playing at with you. Let's flip this card over and see what she has to say.

Her name is Arelia and her subject matter is "The Dreamer". She says: "Dreams - waking and sleeping - meet life when the mind is open and the events within these dreams are valued. There are answers to many of your life mysteries when you understand that the pictures you receive are given to you from the experiences of all your lifetimes. Take the time to romanticize waking dreams and to examine sleeping dreams. Give yourself the gift of foresight through dream travels."

Arelia's message, Virgo, is about relaxation and dreaming. Both of these, along with the other three mentioned by Barrister, can allow you to move the conscious mind out of your way and see into the subconscious mind. This is the place where you can imagine anything. You can be wealthy here. You can be genius here. You can create whatever your heart desires here. You can explore who you've been in past lives and determine your strengths and weaknesses from what you learned in those lives. Imagination and thought must come before anything can actually come into being. So, what is that "idea" that you've been clutching so tightly to your heart? What is it that you want it to grow into? These are answers you can get through dreaming and through your subconscious mind if you are willing to relax your grip enough and see what happens.

Your last card, Virgo, shows what can only be described as a fairy. Her hair is in a bun like Tinkerbell and, though we cannot see her face clearly, we can see her wings and the obvious trail she is leaving as she "takes off" with a blast from the leaves below her. She is looking forward and, since she has "taken off" as quickly as she has, you can assume that she is going to move forward just as quickly. She is ready and rearing to get to whatever destination she has. This card is also very different in coloring from the other three and this causes the eye to notice it first. This makes it the most important card in your layout. Let's flip this card and see what her message to you is about.

Her name is Fawn and her subject matter is "The Myth". She says: "I am the myth, yet here I am - a mythical fairy right before your very eyes. My existence is not based on your belief in me. Can you say the same about your own existence? Are you living your life as your heart dictates or are you living based on the belief of others? If you are living based on others' beliefs, your heart is not joyful. I am a myth, yet I fly, I laugh, I play, I sing, I love. How can I do all of this without your belief? Simple. I believe in myself!"

Fawn is sharing with you, Virgo, that your existence - what you strive for, what you want, how you wish to live, what you want to believe in - is not dependent upon the beliefs of other people. It is dependent on what you believe about yourself. If you believe in fairies and someone else does not, you will not be happy if you deny your belief. You must be true to yourself. Fawn is telling you that ANYTHING is possible - you can do anything your heart desires - if you believe in yourself. Basically, if you don't believe in yourself, you do not exist except as other people expect to see you. Believing in yourself will give you "wings" (in a metaphoric sense) and allow you to "take off" toward the destination you have in your heart at whatever speed you choose to go. Nothing can stop you.

So, Virgo, the gist of this 2018 reading is that you need to take whatever it is that you are holding onto so tightly and so secretly and release your grip a bit. This is the only way you can play with this idea and allow it to grow as it is meant to grow because it is the way to your heart's path if you just allow it to grow as it should. This means quieting the conscious mind at times, so you can actually see the possibilities to what you can create from this idea. AND, most importantly, to bring everything into reality the way you envision it, you MUST believe in yourself. Believe in the fact that you CAN do whatever you set your mind to, no matter what anyone else tries to tell you. Your heart is dictating something specific to you and you need to follow up on it because that is where your happiness lies. Happy New Year, Virgo!


This is the 2018 Leo Forecast done using the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to this forecast on my YouTube channel at  If you want to check out the Wee Folk Toracles deck for yourself, go to my website at

Your first card, Leo, shows a very stylish Wee Folk  What we can see of her is very chic with her large hat complimenting her hairless head with just the right earring accent. It is obvious that she has put thought into her style and what she wishes to reflect. Despite this beautiful style, she is sitting sideways behind a log and behind tall reeds. We can see her shoulder and part of her arm and her knees. She blends in so well to her surroundings that if she didn't have the large hat, she could have easily been missed in the original photograph. She is also looking over her shoulder as though spooked by something behind her. It is obvious that she is hiding, trying very hard to go unseen. Let's flip the card and see what this Wee Folk has to share with you.

Her name is Ursula and her subject matter is "The Under Belly". She says: "We all have a soft under belly - a place within us that is vulnerable to others. We try our best to protect this place, but we somehow give this secret away. Inevitably, it seems to get used against us. You do not need to have this soft, vulnerable under belly. You can work with yourself to discover the root cause of this soft spot, come to terms with it and let it go. You would be amazed at how quick the soft under belly heals. You are not a victim unless you choose to be."

Ursula's message, Leo, tells you that whatever it is you are afraid of does not have to be an issue. There is no need to be looking over your shoulder, worried about what is behind you, because whatever has happened to you in the past does not need to be an issue in 2018. It can remain with you, of course, if that is how you want it, but as Ursula says, "You are not a victim unless you choose to be." You have great style and an amazing ability to inspire others if you just allow that part of yourself to come forth. You will attract many, some of them not always kind, but that's okay. When you are secure in who you are, it doesn't matter what others think or say. Discovering what that soft, vulnerable spot from the past is and healing it is the goal for 2018.

Your second card, Leo, shows an older woman. This card is much brighter than the first. This woman is sitting and seems to be quite focused on something she has in her hands. She also looks quite studious with glasses across the top of her nose and she is wearing something that appears to resemble a graduation cap and gown. She could be a professor of some sort or an older student of a specific subject. She is so focused that it doesn't seem she is noticing her surroundings at all and these surroundings are actually somewhat blurred - they seem quite unimportant. She is also facing Ursula in the first card and it must be mentioned again the stark contrast between these two cards. Ursula (the first card) is nearly colorless. This card is full of gorgeous tones of green. The impression here is that this older woman is telling you that "coming out of your shell" and putting the past behind you can bring forth amazing opportunity. Let's flip this card over and see who she is and what she has to share.

Her name is Esmerelda and her subject matter is "The Journal". She says: "Writing - keeping record - of events that take place in your life is an incredible therapeutic tool. These written memories allow you to look back at what you have accomplished, identify lessons learned and, if your eyes are open, you will be able to record signs and symbols you receive as the Universe and your Guides work with you on your life's path. The written record you create can give you insight you may miss if you do not stop to record these letters to yourself. Take the time and start your journal."

Esmerelda's message, Leo, is one of clarity. She is showing you what can happen for you if you allow yourself to recognize and understand what is keeping you "down" or "hidden". Whether or not you keep a journal is not the focus here. What IS the focus are your memories - good and bad. These memories, as Esmerelda says, can allow you to take stock of those things that have affected you in both positive and negative ways. They can allow you to see what has worked for you and what hasn't worked for you. They can allow you to focus on something of importance to you instead of focusing on yourself and all that you feel you are not. This focus is important and is something you are meant to be doing - a part of your life's path. The Universe and your Guides are ready and willing to work with you, but you need to allow the past to be the past and recognize what it is you should truly be focusing on. The difference in apparent age between Ursula in the first card and Esmerelda in the second card is sharing two things. The first is that once you have discovered your focus, it won't be an overnight accomplishment, but will take time. It is also saying that no matter what your current age, it is never too late to find that focus and create something amazing with it for yourself.

Your third card, Leo, is a Wee Folk that can be described as a Leprechaun. He is a dapper dresser with white shirt and fitted pants and his hair style is full and unique. The one thing that is most noticeable here is the tie he is wearing which is around his neck, but carelessly slung over his shoulder. He is also quite focused as he looks at Esmerelda in the second card which means he is paying very close attention to her message. He is standing ever so still, not moving a muscle, and has a very serious facial expression. Let's flip this card and see what he has to share with you.

His name is Patty and his subject matter is "The Four Leaf Clover". He says: "The Four Leaf Clover is said to be connected to good luck. In finding one, you may suddenly have something incredible happen. Was this four leaf clover really lucky for you? The answer is in your intention when you search for the four leaf clover. The Universe hears your intention and knows luck is needed. Finding the four leaf clover excites you, raising your positive vibration which strengthens your intention and allows the Universe to bring the good luck to you. Use intention and positive thinking. Allow the four leaf clover to remind you how the Universe works."

Patty's message to you, Leo, is about finding that focus that Esmerelda speaks about. It isn't all just a matter of good luck or being in the right place at the right time. You must make the effort to "find your four leaf clover" - standing still and considering what it is that you want isn't going to bring it to you. The Universe and your Guides will help you if you set a very clear, strong intention, but only if you are also moving forward yourself. Do not, however, take yourself so seriously that you forget to relax from time to time. If you are all work and don't allow yourself to "sling that tie" once in a while, the Universe will step in and make sure that you take time to rest or have some fun.
Your last card, Leo, appears to be a kind of warrior Wee Folk. He is wearing a helmet and chest armor and seems to have either armor or a type of cloak over the shoulder and arm that can be seen. Though his face is a bit blurred, we can still see his eyes, nose and mouth, though no particular facial expression. It is obvious, though, that he is looking straight at you which means this card is very important to this reading. There are several other beings in this card as well, but they are a "sideline" to this main warrior-like Wee Folk. Let's flip this card and see what his message says.

His name is Baron and his subject matter is "The Guardian". He says: "The Guardian is the protector of hopes and dreams. There are never any hopes and dreams that are foolish or impossible no matter what others may say. Hopes and dreams are what keeps you moving forward on your life path or toward your life path. If you do not have hopes and dreams, you are like a ship lost in the vastness of the ocean without the "hope" of any clear direction. Allow yourself the luxury of hoping and dreaming - whether big or small - it costs you nothing. It does, however, open a path where direction and guidance are given."

Baron's message, Leo, is both a warrior mentality and a dreamer mentality. You must, in finding your focus, allow yourself to dream of "what can be" because these dreams and these hopes can strengthen your intention and allow you to determine what direction you truly wish to go. They are like a compass without which you would just be blowing around in the wind. The warrior is there to make sure that you don't allow others to "talk you out of" what you are endeavoring to do (or dream into reality), thus the lack of focus on the other beings on the card. If you are afraid to have hopes and dreams, your path will be blocked because the Universe and your Guides will have no clear idea of what direction you wish to take. Imagine yourself as this warrior covered in armor which means he is ready to take on whatever comes his way. He forges forward toward his hopes and dreams, passing by those who don't support his plan and stopping to spend time with those who do. He fears nothing because he has a cause he truly believes in.

So, Leo, the gist of 2018 is to discover what it is that has been holding you back and release all thoughts that you are a victim of any kind. Find a focus, something that you can be passionate about and work toward that focus. When you are actively working toward something specific, the Universe and your Guides know how to work with you. Then, add your hopes and dreams to that focus. Picture what it is you would like this focus to bring you and make it a reality with those hopes and dreams. Don't allow anyone to discourage you or what you wish to accomplish. Happy New Year, Leo!


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