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This is the 2018 Cancer Forecast done using the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to the forecast on my YouTube channel at  If you want to check out the Wee Folk Toracles deck for yourself, go to my website at

Your first card, Cancer, was also the first card in the Aries forecast, but this does not mean that the meaning of this card is the same for you as it was for Aries. With that said, what is seen in this first card is what may be considered a Leprechaun Wee Folk. He is actually larger than most of the Wee Folk that have been photographed and his overall "greenness" really stood out in the original photo. He is also the darkest card in your layout which means the eye is drawn to him. Dark does not necessarily mean bad or negative. It can just be the opposite of light or not being able to see something clearly. The cut of his thoroughly green hair is something that might be seen in the 70's. He's also wearing a white shirt with a green tie slung loosely over his shoulder and green pants that are tight around his ankles. This Leprechaun is quite mesmerized by something off to the left, but there are no cards in that direction. He doesn't appear to be moving at all - just standing and staring - as though rooted to the ground. Let's take a look at who he is and what he has to share with you.

His name is Patty and his subject matter is "The Four Leaf Clover". He says: "The Four Leaf Clover is said to be connected to good luck. In finding one, you may suddenly have something incredible happen. Was this four leaf clover really lucky for you? The answer is in your intention when you search for the four leaf clover. The Universe hears your intention and knows luck is needed. Finding the four leaf clover excites you, raising your positive vibration which strengthens your intention and allows the Universe to bring the good luck to you. Use intention and positive thinking. Allow the four leaf clover to remind you how the Universe works."

Patty's message to you, Cancer, seems to indicate that there is something specific you need - something that raises your vibration and brings out positive thinking. The fact that Patty is looking to the left where there are no cards AND the manner in which he is dressed tells us that he is peering into the past. He's looking and looking, but doesn't seem to be able to quite "see" what he is looking for. There is something blocking his vision. It is similar to having what you want to say on the tip of your tongue, but not quite being able to spit it out. Your vision, Cancer, of what you are seeking is just out of your grasp. This "something" is heart based as is shown by all the "greenness" in this card which correlates with a healthy heart chakra. This basically means that what you are seeking is something so important to you that it raises your heart vibration. Perhaps you are waiting for something incredible to happen - waiting to find that four leaf clover. However, if you remain standing still, rooted to the ground as Patty appears to be, you won't be able to find what you are searching for. After all, to find a four leaf clover, you must go into a clover field and go through many, many clovers very patiently in the hopes of finding one. Action of some sort is needed as is intention of what you wish to find.

The Wee Folk in the second position of your layout, Cancer, is quite unique. It isn't "human-looking" as many of the Wee Folk are in this Toracles deck. What is seen is a child-like being that looks like a leaf, doing its best to blend into it's surroundings but, as you can see, its coloring isn't quite right. It has a leaf shaped head, eyes, a tiny button nose and appears to be holding a round ball of some sort - perhaps a berry. This berry seems to be snugged up quite tightly as though this Wee Folk is afraid of dropping it or afraid someone will take it away. Notice, too, that this Wee Folk is looking straight at us which means this message is extra important to you. Let's flip this card over and see who this Wee Folk is and what message it has to share.

Her name is Coral and her subject matter is "The Seedling". She says: "Every living creature begins from a seed. Upon birth, the seed becomes a seedling. A seedling cannot remain a seedling forever. That seedling must grow and perhaps, eventually produce more seedlings to continue growth of the species. But, to understand the seedlings you produce, you must retain some of the seedling within yourself. In other words, you must remember the child you once were and allow that child to come forth in understanding and love. An adult who does not remember their inner child will cease to blossom. Remember how to play!"

Coral's message to you, Cancer, is that perhaps you are being too adult. Patty (in the first card) has his back to Coral which means that he is not willing to entertain her idea, so he remains rooted with no forward momentum. Perhaps what you need to "see" that elusive "something" that Patty is looking for in the past is a child-like perspective. If you notice, the berry or seed that Coral is holding is NOT up in front of her face, but is clutched close to the heart. This means that what you're looking for is "dear to your heart" or "was" dear to your heart when you were a child. It may have been something that you were not allowed to express or that you were afraid would make you different from everyone else if you allowed it to come forward. The fact is, now is the time to find that "something" because it raises your vibration, makes you think positively, is dear to your heart and is YOUR four leaf clover. The way to "see it", Coral says, is to remember that child within you.

Your third card, Cancer, shows an older woman with glasses resting on her long nose. She appears to be wearing an outfit very similar to a graduation cap and gown and seems to be studying something she is holding with great interest. There is green all around her too which, again, indicates a healthy heart chakra. This Wee Folk woman is also facing Coral (the second card) which means that Coral's message is quite important and worth paying attention to. Let's flip this card and see what this woman has to share.

Her name is Esmerelda and her subject matter is "The Journal". She says: "Writing - keeping record - of events that take place in your life is an incredible therapeutic tool. These written memories allow you to look back at what you have accomplished, identify the lessons learned and, if your eyes are open, you will be able to record signs and symbols you receive as the Universe and your Guides work with you on your life's path. The written record you create can give you insight you may miss if you do not stop to record these letters to yourself. Take the time and start your journal."

Esmerelda's message, Cancer, may or may not mean "keeping an actual journal". When placed together with the previous two cards, it sounds more like taking the time to "remember" what your life has been thus far. It is obvious from Patty's message that something very important is missing in your life and that Coral's message shows that it is something very important from your childhood. The only way to bring that message forth is to go back into your memories and "find" that four leaf clover. Esmerelda is also showing you that it is NEVER too late to begin a career in something as shown by her graduation gown and cap. Yes, it takes work, but when it is something you LOVE doing, it really doesn't seem like work. Esmerelda is sharing, too, that by finding this missing element in your life, you will be putting out a very clear message to the Universe, so that your guides and the Universe can work with you to accomplish what you've always wanted to do.

Your last card, Cancer, shows a young woman dressed in fancy clothing relaxing in the warmth of the sun. She appears to be reading something. She is wearing a fancy hat, a kind of vest with puffy sleeves and what appears to be a glove on the arm that can be seen. Her hair is dark and curly and she is peering downward. She and Esmerelda are facing opposite directions - they have their backs to one another. Let's flip this card and see what she has to say.

Her name is Arelia and her subject matter is "The Dreamer". She says: "Dreams - waking and sleeping - meet life when the mind is open and the events within these dreams are valued. There are answers to many of your life mysteries when you understand that the pictures you receive are given to you from the experiences of all your lifetimes. Take the time to romanticize waking dreams and to examine sleeping dreams. Give yourself the gift of foresight through dream travels."

Arelia's message to you, Cancer, is to allow yourself the luxury of relaxation, so that your mind can open up to all that you are meant to know. Everyone has dreams of what they wish to make of their lives and you are no different. Esmerelda has her back to Arelia, but this doesn't mean that she is rejecting what Arelia is saying. It means that Esmerelda needs you to pay attention to Coral and Patty's messages. Arelia, in facing the future, is saying that once you discover what it is you are looking for, you will be able to relax and enjoy what your heart has wanted you to do all along. Your life's path is dictated by your heart and that is what you need to find this year, Cancer.

So, Cancer, the gist of your forecast for 2018 is to understand that something is missing in your life that is keeping you rooted in one spot. This "something" is dear to your heart and something that you recognized in yourself in childhood, but were afraid to let others see. Bringing forth that inner child and going back through your life's memories will bring what you are missing back to the surface where it belongs. You can, then, start working with it as you were always meant to and all the obstacles and problems that you have had through the past will begin to heal and your life's path will be smoother. This doesn't mean there will never be obstacles again, but when your intention is strong, the Universe and your Guides know exactly how to help you achieve what you are working toward. Happy New Year, Cancer!


This is the 2018 Gemini Forecast done using the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to this forecast on my YouTube channel at  If you want to check out the Wee Folk Toracles deck for yourself, go to my website at

Your first card, Gemini, is quite dark in comparison to the other three cards, but dark does not necessarily mean bad or negative. Sometimes, dark is just the opposite of light or an inability to see something clearly. With that said, the being on this card is very unique. Due to the darkness of the card, she is difficult to see, but there is a bit of light that has brought her out a bit. She is hairless, has dark eyes, and the end of her nose is lit up by a small ball of light. Her neck is dark, but her shoulders and arms can be seen quite clearly. The most interesting aspect here is that her arms create a heart shape where her chest and stomach should be. She is looking directly at you with her head tilted just a bit to the side as though puzzled by something. It is also obvious that she has tried very hard to blend into her surroundings - perhaps, hiding from something. With these impressions in mind, let's flip the card and see who she is and what she has to say to you.

Her name is Sulan and her subject matter is "The Image". She says: "There is something about the physical image that can take your breath away. Perhaps it is one specific characteristic such as the color of the eyes, the silkiness of the hair, or the natural softness of the skin. Everyone has at least one incredible feature. The true image, however, is reflected to the outside from the inside. Beautiful thoughts, kindness, compassion, sincerity, and the integrity list goes on. These things are what makes you truly irresistible."

Sulan's message seems to be one of the heart, Gemini. It seems that you may have lost your way somehow and are not following your true heart's path. To cover up your confusion and your inability to see the path clearly, you may be focusing on something trivial which means something that really has no bearing on what you're truly meant to be doing. Because of this, you may be feeling that there is nothing special about you and that you are just "one of the crowd". The fact is, you are an amazingly unique individual and this has nothing to do with your outward appearance. It is what you have inside - what you have in your heart - that makes you this amazing person. Unfortunately, at this time, your heart is not the passionate red that it should be which means you need to find your heart's passion again and get moving on that path.

The second card, Gemini, shows a man wearing an English type cap with red hair. He is wearing what looks like a black coat and black shoes and is sitting in a quiet, secluded spot. He is, obviously, absorbed in the book or the papers on his lap. The impression is that what he is reading is extremely personal which is why he has chosen a place to read where he will not be disturbed or be bothered by the input of others. He is also facing Sulan (the first card) which means that her message is very important to him. His large coat says that he is prepared to get all the information he needs from what he is reading even if he has to sit in that spot through the cold winter months. Let's flip this card and see what he has to share.

His name is Hal and his subject matter is "The Scholar". He says: "Within each of us there is the need to "know". To understand the subject of our curiosity, we must study the work of others who were interested in the same subject. It is not enough to skim the surface - you must become the scholar. For, you see, if a subject calls to you, this tells you that you need this information. You will have a use for this information in the future. If time to gain this knowledge is crucial, you will be given signs. Do not ignore this scholarly pull."

Hal's message, Gemini, works hand-in-hand with Sulan's message. You've lost your way, Sulan says. The way to find it, according to Hal, is to stop trying to find your answers from the people around you, but to go in search of it yourself. This journey - finding your heart's path - is a personal one and you are the only one who will recognize it when you see it. This journey also begins with something you are passionate about. Perhaps you have a specific skill that you would like to dig into more deeply or a certain interest that has always piqued your curiosity. Maybe you have noticed certain signs that you should explore something specific, but weren't sure if the signs were for you. Rest assured, if you have received these signs, there is no mistake. They have been given to you for a reason. Remember, signs come in many different forms. It could be your dreams, a street sign, a specific line that stands out in a movie, a random thought that seems to make no sense, and so on. If you feel it is a sign, especially if it correlates to something you've recently been thinking about or doing, don't discount it. It's the Universe's way of letting you know that you're on the right track. So, Gemini, Hal is telling you to take the time in 2018 to discover your passion. Doing so will bring you out of your confusion and get you back on your path.

The third card, without a doubt, shows a Wee Folk who is a pirate. He has the pirate hat, the sword, and a peg leg. He is also a child. He may just be playing dress up or, in his Wee Folk world, perhaps he is the child of a pirate. He is standing alone, obviously ready for battle action if necessary, but is currently more in "look out" mode. Despite his peg leg, he is not crippled in any way and has a certain no nonsense air about him. He is also looking to the right - the direction he plans to take - yet he is not moving forward. Let's flip his card and see what he wants to share with you.

His name is Jacob and his subject matter is "The Pirate". He says: "Pirates spent their lives seeking wealth and searching for lost treasure. Are you living in the past, pining away for what "used to be?" Is your existence all about money and material possessions? The pirate's message to you is to let go of the past and look toward the future - rid yourself of past burdens. Take the time to discover what your heart wants. No amount of money or material possessions will bring you forward to your soul's path."

Jacob is offering two messages here, Gemini. The first shows in the fact that he has his back to the first two cards. This means that he has decided not to heed their messages and to just try to move forward on his own. This decision has no clear picture, so all he can do is stand in one spot, "pretending" that he knows who he wants to be and where he is going. It is not his peg leg that makes people believe he is crippled, it is his refusal to acknowledge the wisdom he receives. The second message Jacob shares here is that you can find your "treasure" - your heart's passion - by looking at your childhood. Oftentimes, what brought extreme joy and pleasure in childhood is a precursor to your heart's passion. You need to discover this childhood passion and be ready to move forward when you discover it. In 2018, Gemini, there can be no more excuses. Let go of the past - anything that keeps you from finding that heart's passion. Understand that though what you discover might bring you money, you are not meant to pursue something just because you believe it will line your bank account. Your true, heart's path will be something that you can't wait to share with others and that you would gladly give to others for free. Don't worry though, Gemini, when you are on the right path, treasure of some sort always seems to come, but it's not always just in monetary form.

Your last card, Gemini, shows a man with long, wavy hair. He has bushy, pointed eyebrows. We can also see his ankles and feet clearly, but where is the rest of his body? In the original photo, this man is within a large rock and his feet are the only things that are separate from the rock. He is walking toward Jacob (the third card) which means the two cards are connected. The impression is an older man speaking to a young boy, but let's flip the card and see what this Wee Folk's message is for you.

His name is Opine and his subject matter is "The In Between". He says: "The world, as you see it, appears solid, but this is an illusion. If you understand the true nature of reality, you would have no difficulty accepting change. For, in fact, your thoughts create change. You appear to live in a solid world and in a world created in your mind, so you actually exist "in between". If there is something you are dissatisfied with, you are not helpless. You are capable of changing the "state" of things by understanding their dual position."

Opine is very clearly telling you, Gemini, that nothing is written in stone, nothing is impossible, and that you can create whatever life you want to create for yourself. However, if you have it in your mind that you can change nothing, then you will get exactly what you expect and nothing will change. You don't want to remain stagnant or standing still as Jacob is and spend your life "pretending" to be something or someone you are not. When you discover your heart's passion, you cannot be afraid of what "might" be or what "might" happen or where it "might" lead you because nothing is ever exactly as it seems.

So, Gemini, the gist of 2018 is to create the life you want by looking back to your childhood to discover what you are truly meant to be doing. When you find it, put your all into it - study what you need to study, follow the signs, find people who are passionate too, etc. When you take this course of action, feeling lost and confused about who you are or where you're meant to be will be a thing of the past and you won't feel the need to hide away anymore. In fact, your heart will be so passionate about what you have discovered that you'll want to shout it from the rooftops! Happy New Year, Gemini!


This is the 2018 Taurus Forecast done using the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to this forecast on my YouTube channel at  If you want to check out the Wee Folk Toracles deck for yourself, go to my website at

The first card, Taurus, shows a woman walking toward the left, treading carefully toward what appears to be nowhere as there are no cards to the left of her. She is dressed either like a nun or a woman from medieval times with a long dress and a veil covering her entire head. All around her is green and her dress and veil are green as well. The impression is that she is hiding from something, blending in with her coloring and obscuring her face with the veil, but she is having a difficult time hiding because she is also glowing with light from head to toe. This is what made her stand out in the original photograph. Let's flip over the card and see what she has to share with you.

Her name is Oyen and her subject matter is "The Light Bringer". She says:
"Light is a  high vibration. It is cheerful, bubbly, humble, the life of the party, serene and beautiful. Perhaps you know someone who can light up a room. Perhaps you are this person. A light bringer is brought to you when life gets tough though they may not seem to have all the qualities listed. Wisdom comes in many forms and is usually accompanied by light. Trust that however the light bringer comes, you will want to be open to what they have to offer - light, love, and a new perspective."

Oyen is telling you, Taurus, that you have something special. Perhaps this is a special wisdom or a unique ability to make others feel good about themselves or a way of helping people see the "other side of the coin." For some reason, you seem to want to hide this special part of you - just wanting to be left alone - but people find you anyway because of the light you subconsciously seem to emanate. The harder you try to hide, the more people seem to find you. This "light bringer" aspect of you has been with you for a long time. This means it is engrained in you through past lives (past energy) when you lived as a nun bringing love, compassion, and solace to others. This was also the case when you lived in Medieval times (as a woman) and fought for a cause that you felt was unjust that had to do with people of lesser means. Chances are, your hesitation of allowing this part of yourself to come forward now is due to having been punished somehow in these past lives. These memories are carried within your subconscious mind and, often, bring reactions to certain things that we cannot explain. In this case, it is stopping you from being the "light bringer" you are meant to be. Oyen is telling you to open up to this special gift and to let it come forth in all its glory.

The second card shows what might be considered a Gremlin. He is very small, sitting on a branch. One pointed ear can be seen, one leg, and he has a glow around him as well. There is what appears to be a white wing coming from his back, but this is an illusion. In the original photograph, this was part of the branch he is sitting on. He is facing Oyen (from the first card) and his mouth is open as though shouting at her. He appears to be either really angry or frustrated because he is so small and it is difficult to project his voice loud enough to be heard. Let's flip over the card and find out who he is and what he has to say.

His name is Hallow and his subject matter is "The Imp". He says:

"Within each one of us is an imp. Its nature is fun loving, harmless, a jokester, and the secretive and mysterious smile. In young children, unfettered by society rules, the imp can be clearly seen. In adults, the imp is invisible in most - hazy and slightly noticeable in a few. The imp is the joy of innocence and fun - needed for the adult to see clearly as they saw as children. The imp, or inner child, is needed to keep the heart young. After all, laughter is the best medicine,yes?"

Hallow is offering you a way to work with your "light bringer" energy. Perhaps, in your attempt to hide your special talent, you have put out a persona of gruffness and lack of caring even though that is not truly how you wish to be or what you want to show others. Perhaps you are worried that if you bring out the "light bringer" side of you, people might look at you in a less than desirable way even if what you are sharing is enlightenment. Once in a while, your wisdom will slip out and your light will shine through, but then you feel the need to somehow cover up what you've just said or done, switching gears quickly and becoming the Gremlin. Hallow is telling you to bring forth the innocence you had as a child, so you can remember what it was like to have fun and how good it felt to help and be acknowledged by other people. For children, this is as natural as breathing. Their hearts are wide open and full. Let your "imp" come out to play. When you do, you will feel lighter, your heart will begin to heal, and you will begin to embrace the "light bringer" part of you.

The third card is quite dark, but dark does not necessarily mean bad or negative. Sometimes it just means the opposite of "light" or "difficulty seeing". Within this card is a very unique tribal type mask. At first glance, it is eerie looking, but in closer examination, it is amazing to see the work that went into creating such a beautiful piece. This mask is surrounded by darkness, but there are parts of it that glow, almost as though it is slowly coming to life. Let's flip the card over and see what this Wee Folk has to say.

His name is Rathorn and his subject matter is "The Mask". He says:

"In the world, as you know it, everyone wears a mask. This mask hides fear. Fear that others will not accept you if they see who you really are. The mask, however, is pointless. It is impossible to hide your true self from anyone as we are all a part of one another and of something much bigger. If you remove your mask, would you recognize yourself? Perhaps it is time to allow your authentic self to be seen. you will love the 'new' you."

Rathorn's message to you, Taurus, is quite clear and flows along with the messages given by Oyen and Hallow. Like everyone, you have created your "mask", building it out with intricate detail and making it an amazing piece of artwork. This "artwork" is what you allow others to see. However, this "mask" is just that - a piece of art. It has parts of the real you and these parts are what glow, but the rest of it is hiding who you really are. You are comfortable within it, but it is hiding the "light bringer" that you are which is why you see this gorgeous tribal mask so unclearly in the darkness of this card. Rathorn is urging you to take this mask off and embrace your true, authentic self. He's also letting you know that taking your mask off would not be as much of a shock to others as you might think because they know, on a soul level, who you really are anyway. They are just waiting patiently for you to emerge.

The last card, Taurus, shows another unique being. In the original photo she stands high up in the trees, very solid, and sure of her footing. She wears a gold head band attached to a kind of helmet and appears to be dressed similar to a "super hero", yet this doesn't appear to be clothing that can be removed - it is a part of her. She is very clearly looking at Rathorn with a no nonsense type stance and no fear and seems to be almost challenging him. Let's flip the card over and see what she has to share with you.

Her name is Tapay and her subject matter is "The Warrior". She says:

"To give yourself to others is noble. Do not mistake being a giving person with someone who saves nothing of themself for themself. When giving is taken for granted, exhausting the giver, the warrior must be allowed to come forth. This warrior is strong - yet kind, firm- yet understanding and, if allowed, can bring the giving of the self back to a healthy perspective. The warrior listens to the heart to make an informed decision whether to say yes or no. The warrior's heart speaks true."

Taurus, what Tapay is offering you here is an answer to the question that may have formed in your mind as you considered Rathorn's suggestion to remove your mask, Hallow's suggestion to bring forth the faith of your inner child, and Oyen's recognition of you as a light bringer. Your fear may be that others will take advantage of you and you will find yourself trapped in a place you don't wish to be. Tapay is offering you balance. You can be certain that when you remove your mask, you will be on firm footing and that you will be protected by your natural armor. This armor, of course, is metaphorical, but still powerful. You would not have been given the gift of a "light bringer" if you were not able to handle what comes your way. You have the warrior within you - it is the part of you that can discern what causes to accept and what causes to let go. It is the part of you that knows when you are being taken advantage of and when you know that you have given too much and need rest. This warrior part of you knows how to be tactful, yet firm when others are asking too much of you and the energy exchange is not equal. Tapay is challenging you to remove your mask and become that true, authentic self.

So, Taurus, 2018 is going to be an amazing year for you if you are willing to accept what the Wee Folk have shared here. Recognize and trust the warrior in you to protect you when you remove your mask and allow others to see your true, authentic self. Go forth with the faith and love of a child and allow others to see and feel the wonderful gift you have to offer as "light bringer". Share your special gifts with the world! It's time. Happy New Year, Taurus!


This is the 2018 Aries Forecast done using the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to this forecast on my YouTube channel at If you want to check out the Wee Folk Toracles deck for yourself, got to my website at

The first card, Aries, shows a man that could be considered our version of a Leprechaun. His head is rather large in comparison to his body. He has a great amount of green hair and what looks to be a green beard as well. There is also a bit of a belly on him as you can see where his pants (again green) taper down to his feet. He also appears to be wearing a green tie, but it is loosened and seems to be slung over his shoulder. He is looking off to the left where there is nothing to see as there are no cards in that direction. He stands quite straight and rigid and the profile of his face gives the impression of seriousness. With these impressions from his photo, let's flip the card over and see who he is and what he has to share.

His name is Patty and his subject matter is "The Four Leaf Clover". He says:

"The Four Leaf Clover is said to be connected to good luck. In finding one, you may suddenly have something incredible happen. Was this four leaf clover really lucky for you? The answer is in your intention when you search for the four leaf clover. The Universe hears your intention and knows luck is needed. Finding the four leaf clover excites you, raising your positive vibration which strengthens your intention and allows the Universe to bring the good luck to you. Use intention and positive thinking. Allow the four leaf clover to remind you how the Universe works."

Patty seems to be telling you, Aries, that in 2018, something incredible is going to happen if you let the Universe know what you truly want. First though, before you can let the Universe know how to work with you, you must find what it is that you want - that metaphorical four leaf clover. As a clue, Patty is an adult, but he is the size of a child. He is looking off to the left where there are no other cards, but since he is child sized, he is indicating looking back at your childhood. Oftentimes, the things that you loved and were passionate about in childhood end up being what you do for an occupation as an adult or, at least, as a hobby. Patty is not walking toward that childhood, he is standing very still and contemplating very seriously the childhood memories. Another clue is being passionate about this "metaphorical four leaf clover" as is shown by all the green in this card as green is the color of the heart chakra when it's in its perfect, healthy vibration. This "four leaf clover" is also something that comes very naturally to you and doesn't cause stress as shown by Patty's loosened, slung tie. The tie can also be representative of some kind of business, but a relaxed business, perhaps at home and since Patty is a Leprechaun, the business might be one that others consider "unconventional". Unconventional often means subjects that have been around for centuries, but are not "believed in" by the masses in today's world. It is important, when trying to discover this "four leaf clover" that you stay out of your head and not allow yourself to be too rigid in your thinking or allow your ego to dictate what you should be doing. This is about your heart's passion - not your head's passion. You must also be active in searching for your "four leaf clover" and not sitting around waiting for it to find you.

The second card shows a dark haired woman with a flower in her hair. She is dressed quite colorfully - almost in a garment that would reflect a gypsy woman. All around her seems to be quite chaotic but, despite the chaos, she appears to be very relaxed, is smiling and appears to be very happy. She is also looking over her shoulder at Patty (the first card) which means she is paying attention to his message. Let's flip the card and see what she has to share with you.

Her name is Donaya and her subject matter is "The Charisma". She says:

"I am a gypsy dancer, having learned this skill from my mother. Many love me and come great distances to see me perform. Am I that good? Perhaps, but I believe it is my charisma that draws them. I love to dance and give my all to every performance. I choose beautiful, bright clothing, and my smile is genuine. They are devoted as I am devoted. If you have a skill you love, give it everything you have and you, too, will develop a following."

Donaya, Aries, is clearly giving credence to Patty's message from the first card. She states that she learned her gypsy dancing skill from her mother which is a childhood memory. This is another clue to go back and discover what you loved doing from your childhood. Donaya LOVES what she does - it is her heart's passion which means that though the dancing might take a lot of work, it doesn't feel like work because the desire to do it comes from the heart. This LOVE for what she does shines through her in every way and others find her irresistible because of it. She is telling you, Aries, to find that passion and, once you find it, develop your own style in such a way as to be contagious to others. If you show how much you love what you are doing, other people will want to know your secret because they want to be like you. They don't necessarily want to do what you are doing, but they want to "feel" as you appear - happy, genuine, and obviously acknowledging your true passion and self. Donaya also talks about people coming great distances to see her perform and giving her all to every performance. This is also a clue to the fact that your heart's passion is to be shared - not kept to yourself.

The third card stands out from the rest due to its darkness and the fact that the being on the card is not human looking as the other three Wee Folk are. It is the card in this reading that you are meant to remember most which is why it stands out to the eye. Keep in mind, Aries, that dark does not necessarily mean negative. The being on this card is quite unique in its appearance. It almost appears to "glow in the dark" on the card. Being privy to the original photo this being showed itself in, I believe that it is a type of spider and, though, many are afraid of spiders, spiders are incredible creatures in their abilities to spin amazing geometrical designs (their web) using their God given talent and the silk produced from their bodies. Let's see what this being has to share by turning over the card.

This being's name is Bebe and his subject matter is "The Puzzle". He says:

"Every human is similar to a puzzle in that you are each made up of many different puzzle pieces. Each piece represents a different aspect of who you are and the puzzle must be put together to view the whole. Sometimes pieces do not seem to fit as you feel they should and this makes you confused about who you really are. To bring back clarity, you must examine the misfit pieces to determine if they are really yours or if they represent what someone else believes you should be. Being your true self completes your puzzle as the misfit pieces are gone."

Bebe's image allows you to see what is possible. He is an extension to Donaya's message to you. He is unique in every way and brings himself forth proudly - almost glowing - from the dark that surrounds him. The darkness, in this case, Aries, is about not being able to "see" the whole picture - the whole YOU. Many times, we do what we believe others would like us to do rather than what our hearts dictate to us. This is a way of "getting along" and doing what others believe is the right thing for us. However, as Bebe says, this causes us great confusion, making it difficult to know who we truly are. In 2018, Aries, this is not enough for you anymore. Bebe is telling you that it is time to come out of the dark - to shine out your true, unique self once you find your heart's passion. Even if others do not agree with what you wish to do, you must use your God given talents and weave your own unique web that reflects YOUR life and who YOU truly are. When you do, you will feel complete. You will have put your own life puzzle together.

The last card shows what I believe is a man though he has shoulder length hair and appears to be wearing a dress. He is blending in so well to his surroundings that he is actually quite difficult to see. He is walking forward, but also looking over his shoulder at Bebe (the third card). Bebe is also looking at him which means there is a special connection between these two cards. Let's see what this Wee Folk has to say by flipping over the card.

His name is Fenew and his subject matter is "The Chameleon". He says:

"All humans have the need to blend in - to be a part of the crowd. This seems to be the way dictated by society. The sign reads, 'Become a chameleon - fit in - stay hidden.' If you are true to your soul, you know that being a chameleon is not what your soul dictates. Though you are connected to all living creatures, you are unique. You must discover your individual gifts and talents and share them as your heart desires. It is okay to be gold when all others are silver. Allow yourself to shine."

Wow, Aries, what a message! Fenew, in conjunction with Bebe (and Donaya) are very much urging you to "discover yourself" and to let whatever you find to be seen by everyone. It is no longer a time to hide from the world as you have a great deal to offer. If your heart's passion is something that people might consider unconventional as suggested by Patty the Leprechaun, that doesn't matter. As Fenew says, "It is okay to be gold when all others are silver." After all, the world would be a pretty boring place if we were all the same. What gives life excitement is our differences and, if you are different, you MUST allow that difference to shine.

So, Aries, the gist of 2018 is to discover your true heart's passion. Once you do, put everything you have into it - your image, your talents, your passion - and share it with the world. Stop thinking about what may or may not be acceptable or whether those closest to you will accept who you are. You MUST be unique in yourself if you are going to be truly happy. The people who are meant to be a part of your life will be thrilled for you and support you. Shine out your uniqueness and your differences - embrace your heart's passion - and make sure that every performance is spectacular! Happy New Year, Aries!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Home Business Bringing First Time Clients Back Again

You know you are a phenomenal Wee Folk Toracles card reader. You know that you have made that first time client feel welcome. You know that your prices are reasonable and you've gone the extra mile to make sure your home is clean and safe, and your hospitality offerings are fabulous. Nevertheless, sometimes it's difficult to turn a first time client into a repeat client, so you have to get creative.

One of the creative ideas I had years ago has served me well and it's easy and inexpensive. I will share this idea with you, but feel free to revise it any way that works for you.

So, it starts with a regular deck of playing cards and a hole punch. Here in Central Iowa, I can find decks at the Dollar Store for $1.00. They don't have to be gorgeous - just useful. Once you get that deck, you are going to remove all the face cards - Kings, Queens, and Jacks. You can toss them out or find another use for them, but they are not needed. This leaves you with cards Ace through Ten.

The next step is to glue a business card onto the back (the design side) of each card, ace through ten. If you haven't purchased business cards yet, you can create some kind of label that gives the information about who you are and where people can find you and stick that to the design side of the card. Since I have a mini laminator that fits these playing cards perfectly, I run each card through the laminator. When they have cooled, I use scissors and round the corners as they come out of the laminator quite sharp. Laminating is not necessary, but it does protect the cards from damage and looks more professional. The cards are complete, but what do I do with them now?

After I have done a reading for a first time client, before they leave, I bring out those cards and shuffle them well in front of the client as I'm telling that client that I would like them to pick a card. You need to decide beforehand what you wish to offer with these cards.
  • You can do a certain percentage off of each reading based on the "number" on the card so, for instance, if a client draws a 5 card, you would give them a 5% discount on their next reading.
  • You could offer them a 20 to 25% discount based on the number on the card they draw - for instance, if they draw a 5 card, they would get 20 to 25% off a reading for their next five visits.
  • You could set it up so that they get one free reading after they have come to you as many numbers as are on the card they drew. So, if they drew a 5 card, they would come to you for 5 visits at regular price, then receive a free reading.
The first suggestion is not all that enticing because if a client pulls an Ace, that means they only get 1% off of their next reading with you and that's really not enough to entice them to come back. 

The second suggestion is the way I normally roll because it gives instant gratification of savings at each reading. If the percentage is high enough, the client does not want that savings to go to waste. In this case, you must decide what percentage you can give and still make what you need to from each client to make your bills. A time period is a good thing to add to this too. So, once a client draws their card, you can tell them that they get 25% off of the next 5 readings or 7 readings (whatever number is on the card they draw), but that each pip (symbol of heart, spade, club, or diamond) on a single card is considered one month. This means to get the discount, they must come once a month for a reading. If a client draws a 7 card, then for 7 months, they would receive that discount as long as they come once each month. If the client misses a month, they would not receive their discount as the card is null and void and they would have to draw a different card at their next reading with you to start the discount process again. You would also have to decide if you would allow this client to give their card to a friend for a reading if they are unable to make it. If you allow this, the friend would draw their own card at the end of their reading and return the one time gifted card back to your original client. Since that client "used" their card that month by giving it to a friend, the discount is still valid. Each time the card is used, you use your hole punch to eliminate one of the pips on the card. When the card is used up (all the pips punched out), the client can choose another card.

The last bulleted suggestion - offering the free reading - is also another possibility. However, if you are just getting started in your business and want people to really get to know you, this method may not be enticing enough either. 

Once the client draws their card, you give them that card to keep. They MUST bring it with them to each reading, so that you can punch the pip on the card at time of payment. If they forget the card, then they don't get the discount for that day's reading and, again, the card is null and void. They must choose a different card and the discount from the newly drawn card does not go into effect until their next reading.

This method, as I said, has worked very well for me. Not only does it give the client something of value with a specific discount for the number on their card, it also assures you of repeat monthly visits and income. Not everyone will take advantage of this opportunity, but many will because a discount is a discount and what you offer with your Wee Folk Toracles readings will be of great value and insight to them. If you allow them to share their card with a friend if they can't make one of their monthly readings, you will also gain another client. It is a win win situation for everyone. Again, feel free to revise this idea in any way that works for you. Be creative!


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Home Business Appointments and Record Keeping

Good morning, everyone! I'm writing to you today from the COLD tundra of central Iowa where snow has fallen and the wind chill factor is negative 20. These are the days that I am ever so thankful to work from home!!!

Today, I'm going to talk about appointments and record keeping. Kind of a mundane topic I know, but important nevertheless. So, let's get started with appointments. It is important for you to have some kind of appointment book. You can purchase one or you can make one yourself. This appointment book should have every day of every month within it and, if you can find one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, each day should give you a list of times to schedule in your clients. You should be able to see, at a glance, what times you have available for any given day.

Personally, I like to create these myself because I know exactly what I want in my appointment book. I like to be able to write the client's name next to the time they've chosen to come for a reading as well as the word "new" if they are a new client or the word "repeat" if they are a repeat client. I also like to be able to write the payment amount in that space too because, at quarterly and yearly tax time, I am able to go through each page of my appointment book with my calculator and get the amounts I need quickly. This saves me from having to have a separate book for "income".

These appointment books should always be done in pencil since you will occasionally get cancellations and re-schedules. Once a client has come for their reading and paid you for your services, you can go over your pencil writing with a pen. This is always a good practice as pencil has a way of fading and you don't want to have difficulty reading the payment amounts when it comes time to prepare your taxes. You might think this is silly if your prices are the same for your readings, but you will have prices for specials too and, perhaps, days that you will read outside your home for holiday occasions or special events. You'll want to have these scheduled into your appointment book too, so that you don't schedule any clients at those times and, at the end of the day, you can write in the total amount of money made at  these special events.

Your appointment book should also have a section for expenses as you'll want to keep track of anything you purchase for your business as well. Again, this is just to keep everything in one book to make tax time easier for you. The expense section should have a place to write the date, what you purchased, and what you paid for your purchase. You'll have to save your receipts too for any purchase you make for your business, so find a safe place for these receipts.

You might be inclined to want to do this appointment book on your computer, but I don't advise that. Computers are too unpredictable. If your computer decides to stop working, you might lose everything and then you would have no record at all of what you've made in your business or what your expenses have been. Technology can be awesome, but sometimes doing things without technology is best. This is one of those times.

As for record keeping... you may be thinking that this is the same as your appointment book with all the information you've put into it. However, the record keeping I'm speaking of here is about your clients and their readings. I like to have a record of every reading I do - the client's name, their question, the cards drawn, and a short recap of what the cards shared. This way, if the client returns, I can look back at their previous reading before their appointment time and get some feedback from that client once they arrive to know whether they are "doing the work" suggested by the cards and how things have turned out. This also allows me to see if certain cards keep popping up in their readings which may require further scrutiny.

I have created this kind of record keeping book for the Wee Folk Toracles readings. I offer it as a free download on my website at under the OTHER FREEBIES link. It's titled "Wee Folk Toracles Client Records Pages for 2018".

Okay, that's it for appointments and record keeping. I know it was pretty drab reading, but it's something that I felt shouldn't be skipped. Have a GREAT day!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Home Business Pricing

Hello Adventurous Ones! Christmas has come and gone once again and I do hope that you managed to survive the shopping frenzy of this holiday season and that you had family and friends to share it with.

Continuing on with the Home Business Series, today I'm going to talk about pricing. I'm hoping to make this as painless as possible for you. Pricing is always one of those subjects that makes a person sweat for some reason - always with the question of "if I set my price at this point, am I charging too much or am I not charging enough for my services".

The first consideration is to determine what exactly you need to "live on" and what main expenses you might have. You must be realistic about this. It is going to take time to get your business "known", so you aren't going to have a steady stream of income right away. I believe the largest expense you would have would be home liability insurance in case someone would get hurt in your home or on your property. You may already have this if you own a home and may be able to use a portion of this insurance as a tax deduction if you have a home business, but you would have to check this out as it is different in every state. If you rent, you probably have renter's insurance, but might consider making sure your policy covers injury as well.

The second thing to consider is "where" you live. For instance, I live in a small town in Central Iowa. The closest five towns (including the town I live in) are from 5 minutes to 30 minutes apart. The larger city of Des Moines is 40 minutes away. Since I live in the small town, I need to price my services reasonably because people who live in small towns expect to pay less. If they wanted to pay more, they would go to Des Moines. If I lived in Des Moines, I could charge a lot more for my readings because people expect to pay more there as the market supports it.

The third consideration is taxes. How much you take from each reading to set aside for taxes will depend on how much you charge per reading. If your prices are lower, obviously, less money would have to be set aside. As a rule, I take at least 20% from each reading and that is usually more than enough to cover the quarterly taxes in my state, however, you would have to determine what is required in your own state for quarterly taxes.

There is no exact formula or algorithm to help you decide what to charge for your Wee Folk Toracles readings. I would suggest pricing according to what you believe the majority of the people in your area would be willing (or able) to pay. Choose two numbers - for me it's between $40 and $60 per reading - then, either go with the lowest number or something in between the two. You want to make sure that you give yourself room to raise your price if you need to later on without giving the impression that you are suddenly gouging your client's pocket book. If I lived in Des Moines, I could probably charge between $80 to $100 per reading. If I charged less than that, I probably wouldn't get a lot of clients because in the city, people seem to have the mind set that if you don't charge high, then you must not be very good at what you do. Strange mind set, but it's true.

If you are just getting started, I suggest starting at the lowest price of the two numbers you have chosen because you want to get as many clients as you can when you first begin. Give people the chance to get to know you by being affordable, but don't short change yourself in the process. Always keep in mind that, though you are in the business to help people, you must also help yourself. The monetary "energy" exchange is very important. If you are giving great value (and you will be), you must be getting equal value in money.

If you have people making comments that they'd like to have a reading, but they just can't afford it, this is the perfect opportunity to ask them what they would be able to pay for a reading. If you get this comment often, you should take a look at your prices as they might need a little adjusting to support the economy in your area. Of course, if your readings are priced at a point where you cannot lower them due to your expenses, you could always offer a "special" that reflects what these specific people would be willing to pay. There is nothing wrong with offering a "special" if it brings in more clients. After all, some money is better than no money and you want to get known as quickly as possible.

Be logical in determining these "specials". If you are spending an hour with each client, giving them an amazing reading as well as an "ear" to share their stories with you, $20 is not enough. This kind of pricing works if you are doing a holiday fun night (such as Halloween) at a local establishment to get people familiar with you, but it is far too low for supporting a home business.

Don't be afraid to use paper and pen to determine what you need to live on and what your expenses will be for your business. You don't want to just guess and then discover six months down the road that you're in trouble because you didn't take the time to really map things out. Research and planning are important, so do as much or as little as you feel you need to, then price accordingly. It won't take long for you to determine if you need to re-evaluate your pricing.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Home Business Scheduling

You might think that this blog post is going to be about scheduling appointments and working with clients, but it's not. The "scheduling" I am speaking of here has to do specifically with you - the tarot business owner.

Deciding to start a home tarot reading business is AWESOME! However, it can be difficult moving from the "structured" world of work (outside the home) to the "self-structured" work required for a home business. In the outside work world, you become accustomed to having your entire week's schedule based around whatever hours your job requires of you. You might be up at 5:00 am to shower, grab a quick bite for breakfast (if you give yourself time), get the kids ready for daycare or school (if there are kids in the picture), then you're off to deal with whatever traffic you run into to get to your job and start at the allotted time. Once there, your schedule is based upon whatever your job is within the establishment you work. You have breaks at certain times and lunch is scheduled in there too.

When you embark on a home business adventure, you must be able to structure yourself in much the same way as you did working outside the home if you want to ensure your business's success. It is important to rise at a decent time (no sleeping in until noon) and create a routine for yourself that works in conjunction with what you wish to accomplish on any given day. My day begins at 6:30 am Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, I allow myself to sleep in a bit.

You may, of course, decide to not work on weekends, so if sleeping in is what you need, you can do it then. If you have certain days during the week that you want to accomplish something specific toward your business, especially if you are also providing readings online, you might choose to only do personal readings in your home on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, leaving you Tuesday and Thursday to cover the online portion of your business. You decide how much you want to work and structure around that.

If you are married, your business structure must also work with your spouse's schedule. In my case, I can only take clients in the afternoon (and sometimes evening) as my husband is a musician doing band gigs and playing at nursing homes. Oftentimes, he does not get home from band gigs until 2 or 3 am depending on how far they have traveled to play. This means that he needs time to sleep, so taking morning clients would not work for me. This is why I also have an online business because I can focus on my online business in the morning and clients in my home in the afternoon and some evenings. If your spouse works a regular job, you might be able to take clients throughout the day without it being a problem, then leave your evenings free for family time.

Whatever structured schedule you are able to create, keep in mind that you don't want to book too many readings in a single day, especially if you are also doing online readings. Two to three clients per day is workable as long as you don't allow yourself to get burnt out. When you are burnt out, your readings will not be at their best and you may find yourself struggling to read the cards for your clients. You don't want that, so try to be realistic. Don't do your scheduling of clients based on money because you will bite off more than you can chew and burn out will be inevitable.

Keep in mind, that unless you become extremely popular in a very short period of time or live in a really large city where you can reach more people, you won't have clients every day anyway. On the days that you have no clients booked, you should make a decision the night before as to how to best utilize your time for your business. This might mean spending the whole day working on the online portion of your business if you have a presence online or you might spend the day running around and putting up business cards. Whatever you do, you should get up at your designated time and get started. You want to make sure that you are moving forward every day where your business is concerned - especially when you are first getting started.

The bottom line here is... you won't be able to spend all of your time in your pajamas. Having a home business is often harder than working outside the home BECAUSE you must be accountable for your own time if you want it to be successful. Creating a schedule for yourself will make it much easier for you to build a successful tarot reading business if that is where your heart's desire lies.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Home Business Table of Contents

When I was teaching writing classes, one of the hardest areas for my students to grasp was creating an outline for their writing project. For some reason, the word "outline" caused their brains to seize up and their fingers to freeze on the keyboard. Creating an "outline" seemed like such a HUGE task because they thought they needed to know EXACTLY how their book was going to flow. The word "goal" and the words "business plan" seem to bring the same response from some people. If I tell someone to "set a goal" or "create a business plan", you can almost see the painful "OH PLEASE, NOT THAT - ANYTHING BUT THAT" expression come across their face or, suddenly, all that will be seen is a blank slate - no emotion at all. The words "goal" and "business plan" - just like the word "outline" - brings a moment of panic that I can't explain, but have witnessed many times.

Obviously, these words, for whatever reason, seem to evoke an extremely daunting idea, so I decided to remove these words from the equation and replace them with something that everyone is familiar with... a Table of Contents. Instead of telling my students to write an "outline", I told them to create a Table of Contents for their book project. Suddenly, the task was easy and my students had absolutely no problem putting their book ideas into a "mock" Table of Contents. The familiarity of the words "Table of Contents" solved that mental block.

Building a home business is done in baby steps - one day at a time. You do, however, need to have some specific ideas in mind as to how you want your home business to flow and what you would like to accomplish at the end of a certain time period. This allows you to work in a specific and logical order which strives to accomplish that end result you have decided upon. So, instead of thinking of it as a "business plan", think of it as "your story" and write out your "Table of Contents".

For instance, Chapter One might cover purchasing the Wee Folk Toracles deck and learning how to read them using the FREE ebook, "Become a Skilled Card Reader" that you can find on my website at Underneath this chapter heading, you might write "Read one chapter a day from the Become a Skilled Card Reader book" or, if you learn better from videos, you might write "view one video a day from the Become a Skilled Card Reader video series" that can also be found on my website. The second line underneath the Chapter One heading might be "spend time familiarizing myself with the Wee Folk Toracles deck."

Chapter Two heading might be "Creating My Home Business Space" and the lines underneath this heading might cover such things as "how I want my space to look", "de-cluttering", and "cleaning". Chapter Three heading might be "My Business Image" and underneath would be "clothing", "make-up" (if you're a woman), and "hair". 

Basically, what you are doing here is creating a "to-do" list in a chronological order that makes sense and will allow you to accomplish specific things toward making your home business successful. You would keep going with as many chapters as you need to reach whatever end result you want to see. This end result could be, for instance, Chapter Fifteen - "Reading for Three People Every Day". Chapters One through Fourteen would be the steps you need to take to reach this end result.

In your Table of Contents, always allow yourself some extra lines of empty space after whatever you list under each chapter heading because you never know what other ideas might pop up that you will want to write under that chapter heading later. Your Table of Contents is ALWAYS open ended which means that it is "subject to change at your discretion" anytime if you discover something that might work better than an idea you had previously. Just because you write something down does not mean that it is "written in stone". Plans are great, but life happens and you have to allow yourself the "freedom" to change if you feel it is best for your business.

As an extra guidance tool, I have created a free ebook called "Wee Folk Toracles Moon Guide for Business for 2018". This ebook offers you the opportunity to use your Wee Folk Toracles cards, along with the New Moon and Full Moon AND the zodiac energies, to create a Chapter One main "goal" and to work with this main goal throughout the entire year. You can download this ebook for free HERE.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Broken Hearts

On December 3, 2017, I created a video for my YouTube channel that featured our darling little Chihuahua May whom we often call Bugaboo or Maybug. I did this because she is a part of my profile photo for everything I do online. I thought that introducing her to everyone would be a fun thing to do.

Little did I know that just seven days later, my husband and I would be saying goodbye to our "baby". On December 10, 2017, we had to let her go as her lungs were filling with fluid and she was slowly drowning. She'd been on Lasix for about three years and also heart medication but, this time, there was no turning back and no denying that it was time.

There is no way that I can share how I'm feeling in this blog post as I just don't have the words to tell you how much my heart hurts. What I do know is that my husband and I have a HUGE hole and emptiness within and around us. Everywhere we look there are reminders of her and the tears just have to flow - there's no stopping them. It's sooo quiet and lonely right now. Her absence is beyond feeling...

I know that she is still with us in Spirit, but not being able to hold her physically and see her big eyes looking back lovingly at us is so hard. Even as the fluid was filling her lungs and she was having such a hard time breathing, she still licked our noses as though trying to tell us she would be okay and loved us too.

The video that I put up on my YouTube channel will stay. It is cherished now more than ever by us and is our tribute to a beautiful little soul who asked for nothing and gave everything. We love you Maybug!!!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Law and Opening a Tarot Home Business

I must admit to feeling quite irritated at having to write this particular blog post but, despite how I feel about it personally, it is necessary. There are so many things in our lives that are "regulated" already that it is really frustrating to add one more thing to the list, so let's get it over with right now.

Starting a Tarot Home Business may or may not be an easy task and this is all dependent on where you live. There are some states in the U.S. that require a lot of "hoop jumping" to start a business that is considered "fortune telling". Yes, it is claimed that these laws are for the purpose of protecting the public from fraud but, I believe it is more about money and whose pockets get lined (but, that's another story).

There are also some states where any kind of "fortune telling" is illegal. Tarot reading is just one in a LONG list of "can't do" occupations in the "psychic" arena, yet it's okay for someone to "predict" the weather and get paid or for someone to "predict" the stock market and get paid. Now, before I go into a total rant here, I'm going to move forward with what this blog is supposed to be about, but picture me up on my feet, ranting and raving like a mad woman over the injustice of it all as I write this. You can thank my husband for allowing me to get out most of my ranting and raving before attempting to write.

When you have a passion for something, such as Tarot reading, it's often quite easy to overlook something that you couldn't possibly imagine being a problem. The law is one of those things. After all, you're not doing anything wrong - you are HELPING PEOPLE who want to be helped in this way, so WHY would you even consider that it might be "against the law"?

Before you put a lot of time into opening a Tarot Home Business, I suggest you look into the laws of your state AND the laws of the county you live in concerning "fortune telling" or "psychic anything". Though you might think that the laws of your state would be the same for every county, this is NOT the case. Some states allow "fortune telling" (I really hate that description), but some of the counties in that state might have made it illegal. You should be able to check in at your County Courthouse to find the answers to your county's laws regarding this issue. 

Of course, it may take your County Clerk time to determine whether it is legal or not because it probably isn't a question they get every day, but you want to make sure that there is nothing standing in the way of you building a successful home business based around reading the Wee Folk Toracles cards. This includes any "old" laws from the 1800's that might still be "on the books". These laws may have been forgotten about because they are so ridiculous, but they are still enforceable because they ARE still on the books. You want to have ALL the information you need.

In some states, all that is required is a disclaimer saying that what you are doing is "for entertainment purposes only" but, in other states, being a "fortune teller" is subject to a hefty fine and time in prison. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???!!! Some states could care less and leave their people to pursue the occupations that they wish to pursue (that are not illegal). From what I could find, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and New York are four states that are necessary to really check into because there is a lot of issue surrounding any kind of "psychic" business. I'm certain there are other states as well, but this is all I could find in an online search.

What I am saying here is take the time to search this out because you don't want to start your card reading home business and end up in trouble for doing so. You could certainly find a much better use for your hard earned income than paying fines to the courts for something that is "ridiculous" to have to even consider.

One other consideration to look into is whether or not there are specific "zoning" laws for businesses in your town. Some places only allow businesses in certain areas of town and your neighborhood may not be in that "zoned" area. I suggest, if you think this might be an issue, to call or visit City Hall in your town to find out for sure. Obviously, if you have other people in your neighborhood who have  "hair salons" or "daycare" or "tax preparation" businesses based out of their homes, then you are probably safe, but it never hurts to check. You never know if there is a specific license you need to get to open your home business.

If you have any doubts at all, find a business lawyer that offers free consultations. Make a list of the questions you have ahead of time, so you can cover as much as possible within the time allotted for that free consultation.

I do hope that this blog post has not deterred your enthusiasm about starting a home business reading the Wee Folk Toracles cards. As I said, I hated having to cover this aspect of business, but you really do need to have ALL the information. Remember, the saying, "Where there's a will, there's a way". If starting a home business is your heart's desire and there are legal precedents standing in your way, you may be able to find a way around the issue. Make THAT one of your questions if consulting a lawyer.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Talking About Your "Unconventional" Home Business

Having a home business that is considered "unconventional" can be difficult to talk about as you never know how someone will react to what you do. Though Tarot has been around for centuries, there are still many skeptics out there who just can't bring themselves to believe in anything that they can't "see" or "touch". 

The key to talking about your home business of card reading is to ALWAYS talk about what you do with passion and authority. This doesn't mean bowling a person over with facts. It just means that you need to talk about card reading without hesitation, shyness, or embarrassment as though what you are doing should be "hidden". Being passionate and sure of yourself (without ego) gives those who are skeptical a "hmmmm" moment. Maybe, just maybe, there IS something to it. This also means looking that person in the eye. You don't want to say, "I do card readings", then look away as though it was embarrassing to say. Body language is easily caught and this does nothing for your credibility. You need to believe in yourself or no one is going to believe in you.

So, what EXACTLY do you do? What about your home business of card reading makes you passionate? Why do you love what you do? Why did you decide to do card readings? What about your card readings is different than what other card readers do? What do your card readings offer to your clients? Why would a person want to come for a card reading with you?

These are questions you should take the time to answer for yourself because what you determine from these questions is what will, inevitably, come out when talking about your home business of card reading to someone else. You NEED to know your passion or you will never be able to "sell" it to someone else or show the necessary passion and authority for your own home business.

Don't ever go by appearances either. If a "professional" looking person asks you what you do, tell them with passion and authority while handing them your business card. Oftentimes, readers will shy away from wealthy people or "professional" people, but a lot of business can be lost this way. Look at all the celebrities who use psychics, astrologers, card readers, etc. Your business card IS your best friend in your home business as it's a great conversation starter, so make use of it. 

Don't shy away from people like your next door neighbor either. Keep in mind, the average person doesn't run into someone like you every day - someone who reads cards - so, even if they don't "believe", if you have made an impression on them because you are passionate about what you do, they will absolutely have to tell others about this "unique" moment in their day. It's a different kind of word of mouth that might actually bring you a new client or two.

Most importantly, when talking about your home business of card reading, BE YOURSELF! Don't try to make yourself into someone different or mysterious just because your home business is "unconventional". Let your passion and authority (and business card) speak for you. The exception here is if you have decided to create a "character" to play in your home business such as the character of a gypsy woman where you dress the part and decorate your home to reflect this for your clients. In this case, you might want to stay in character all the time to promote your home business.

Believe in yourself, be honest, be serious (though not too serious), show integrity, know why you are passionate about your card reading business, speak with authority (without ego), and be yourself! When you are passionate about your work and LOVE what you do, it shows and people notice and it makes talking about your home business easy no matter who you are talking to.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Home Business Simple Advertising

The saying from the movie "Field of Dreams" - "Build it and they will come" - would be wonderful if it was not pure fiction. It really does take a bit more than that to get your home business known. Getting out there can cost as little or as much as you want it to as there are many ways to advertise, but there is one specific need that you should not ignore. 


Everyone has them and for good reason. How many times have you met someone for the first time and had them ask you, "So, what do you do?" Oh, the opportunity this brings forth! If you were ready, you could whip out a business card and let it do a quick introduction for you concerning your business. If your business card is doing its job, the person you've given it to will have questions for you that will allow you to give them more information about "what you do". This is an opportunity that you never want to miss. It is a possible "new client" moment.

With that said, there are good business cards and business cards that really do nothing for someone's imagination or interest. Designing a good business card takes a little time and thought, but you will learn what works. Personally, I believe that having your face on your business card is very important. If you've ever dealt with a Real Estate Agent, their pictures are always on their business cards AND on the For Sale or Sold signs that are placed in front of a house. This allows them to be recognized immediately and/or makes people curious about them, giving the feeling that they've seen that person before... but where? Oftentimes, the person will strike up a conversation because they just "have to know" where they've seen that person before. This can lead to a potential buyer or seller.

With a good business card, your goal is to get it out there to as many places as you can think of and into as many hands as you can. This means every cork board you encounter in stores, metaphysical shops, post offices, libraries, colleges, etc. These cork boards exist in every town and you never know when a potential client might be looking for just what you have to offer... your Wee Folk Toracles readings.

If you eat out at a sit-down restaurant, leave a business card with your tip for your server. If you eat at a fast food restaurant, give a business card to the person who waits on you or the drive-thru person when you pay for your order. When you go to the grocery store or anytime you go shopping, give the person who is checking you out a business card when you pay for your purchases. When you get gas for your car, give the checkout person a business card when you pay for the gas. If your car needs serviced, give a business card to the mechanic, the receptionist, and people who are waiting for their cars to be serviced. If you have close friends who work in a large office, ask them to give out your business cards to people they know. Ask family to distribute cards as well. Your imagination is the limit here!

As for design... many people believe that simple is best. I, personally, believe that the more a business card has to offer, the longer a person will look at it. If it's interesting, they won't just glance and toss it away or stuff it in their wallet. Their curiosity will make them HAVE to look. Below is an example of one of my business cards.

I say "example" because I did not put my telephone number and address on this card for this blog post, but you would need both of those for your business card if you are handing them out locally. As you can see, my business card is "busy". The eye is pulled all around the card, but inevitably begins at my photo because it is what stands out first. I used my website banner photo for the background as it "shows" what I do and, in this card, this is the second "eye catcher". After that, the eye is pulled to the words on the card. This card does not "ask" for a singular glance. It "asks" to be studied.
Design your card on paper first. Put the photo you would like to use on a flashdrive and take that to the print shop you choose. Don't worry about the font of the words you will put on your business card because, chances are, if you choose something fancy, the business card design program that the print shop uses, won't have that "fancy" font and you'll have to choose another anyway. I used Times New Roman for the main words and Gabriola for the green box. Choose a font that is well known, easy to read, and that the printer service will have in their program.
After you've designed your business card on paper, find a local print shop to do the job for you. It can be a "mom and pop shop" or an office supplies store like Staples - your choice, but don't do it online even if it's cheaper. Some of the websites that offer business card printing at a ridiculously low fee, also charge you a monthly "membership" fee without telling you. If you don't look at your bank statement regularly, you won't know about it and they'll get a good amount of money from you before you even know that you're being charged on a monthly basis. They also make cancelling quite difficult.

Having your business cards printed locally also gives you the opportunity to get your cards into "local" hands yet again. Never miss an opportunity!

So, get started thinking about your design. You may have to change it up a few times, so don't go whole hog and order 10,000 of them right off the bat. Order 100 to 250 to start. Then, if you like them once you see them printed AND you are getting good results, go ahead and order more. If you're seeing no results, then you might decide to go back to the drawing board.

One last thing. Giving cards away in the manner I've suggested may seem wasteful to you as, certainly, not everyone is going to keep your card. But... that's what business cards are for. It's an expense that you can write off AND if your are frugal with your cards, afraid to give it to someone who might "waste" it, you could be missing out on a potential new client. Take the chance and hand out your cards EVERY chance you get!



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