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This is the 2018 Scorpio Forecast featuring the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to this forecast on my YouTube channel at If you want to check out the Wee Folk Toracles deck for yourself, go to my website at

First thing of note here, Scorpio, is that three out of four cards in this layout are quite dark and a bit difficult to see in the photo, so you will have to follow along as each one is described. Keep in mind that dark does not mean bad or negative. It can just mean something hidden, something unseen, something difficult to see, something that is not ready to come forth yet or it can just be the opposite of light. So, with that said, Scorpio, let's take a look at your first card. This first card is a child card. It is a very young boy, sitting on the ground with his arms stretched out as though "playing airplane". On his head is a very unique hat - similar to a hat that might be worn in Africa. There is an emblem on the front of this hat too (in the position of the 3rd eye), though it isn't clear enough to see. In front of this little boy is a small drum. This little guy is also looking right at you which means his message is one you MUST understand and pay attention to. The impression of this card is that this little guy is taking "drum lessons", learning to play or learning to send out "tribal" messages to communicate from village to village. Currently, he is alone practicing as there is no other Wee Folk on the card, so as little as he is, he must have a calling. Let's flip this card over and see who he is and what message he has to share with you, Scorpio.

His name is Thimble and his subject matter is "The Rhythm". He says: "Everything that lives has a unique rhythm. A heart beats, yet all heart rhythms are not the same. Ten people together - each with a drum - each with one hand on their heart - the other hand mimicking the heart rhythm - no heart song is the same. You have a rhythm which means you are unlike anyone else. When you discover your rhythm, you will be in sync with your soul purpose. You will truly live by the beat of your own drum."

What wise words, Scorpio, from such a little fellow. Your unique rhythm, according to Thimble's card, began at a very early age, Scorpio. It is something that sparked your interest very young, though at the time, you may not have looked at it seriously as shown by Thimble's "playing airplane". However, this "rhythm" has not changed and, though, you may have moved on in your life doing other things, this special interest is always just beneath the surface because it is a part of your soul's purpose. It appears that 2018 is the year to start bringing that "unique rhythm" out into the open. You may or may not have been doing something with it on your own, but now you must find it and bring it forth to others just as Thimble would communicate messages village to village. If you are unsure of what this special calling might be, consulting your third eye could bring forth the information you seek. This would require meditation of some sort to allow your subconscious mind to bring forth the answers, but guess how you can do that? Yes, with the beat of a drum. Listening to a single drum beat can allow you to enter a light meditation where you can find the answers you seek.

Your second card, Scorpio, again appears "tribal". A young girl is standing within the foliage. She has dark skin, a type of headband (again, across the third eye) and she appears almost shaman-like - wise beyond her years. Though it is difficult to see on the card, in the original photo, she has a smile on her face similar to the Mona Lisa - as though she has a specific secret. She, too, is looking straight at you as Thimble was which means her message MUST be heard, and absorbed, by you as well. Despite her young appearance, she appears confident, relaxed, trustworthy, and happy. There is no fear here even though she may look as though she is lost. Let's flip this card over and see what she has to share with you.

Her name is Greyes and her subject matter is "The Path". She says: "When you look at me you may believe that I am lost amongst these plants. I assure you - my path is clear even when the eye cannot see the path. You have a path as well though you may feel very lost. If you allow yourself to move forward, even though you are unsure of the direction, you will eventually discover the stepping stones of the path you are meant to follow. You must move forward - never backtracking - and trust that you are being guided true."

The message Greyes shares here is that you may still be feeling a bit lost - not sure which direction to go as shown by the darkness of this card. You may even be feeling like a young teenager and wondering what "career path" to take. After all, there are so many things to choose from and you may believe that what you are currently doing is all you can do, but if it is not your "calling", then you will be feeling the urge to find something different. Thimble tells you where to look and how to find your unique rhythm which is a part of your soul purpose and Greyes tells you that, by doing so, your path will appear for you as long as you move forward and trust that you are being guided in the right direction by your Guides and the Universe. Consulting your third eye is part of this forward movement as the first card and the second card both have something over this third eye and Greyes advises "no fear" as you do so. She may also not be as young as she appears, but since she has found her path and her heart is joyful, she remains young at heart. This is certainly the reason for her secret smile.

Your third card, Scorpio, is really unique. The Wee Folk on it is nearly indescribable, but having discovered it myself in the original photo, I believe that it is a spider of some sort. In the original photo, legs can be seen hanging down of which only two light dots are shown on the card to indicate something is there. This card is also very dark - at least the area around this Wee Folk. The "spider" Wee Folk itself is kind of luminescent, making it stand out quite starkly from the background. Its little googly eyes are looking toward the last card in your layout which means they will be connected in some way. The impression this Wee Folk gives is, no matter how different you may feel, you must come forward and allow yourself to be seen. Let's flip the card and see who this unique Wee Folk is.

His name is Bebe and his subject matter is "The Puzzle". He says: "Every human is similar to a puzzle in that you are each made up of many different puzzle pieces. Each piece represents a different aspect of who you are and the puzzle must be put together to view the whole. Sometimes pieces do not seem to fit as you feel they should and this makes you confused about who you really are. To bring back clarity, you must examine the misfit pieces to determine if they are really yours or if they represent what someone else believes you should be. Being your true self completes your puzzle as the misfit pieces are gone."

Bebe's message to you, Scorpio, is about recognizing who you really are. If you consider a spider, it lives a very lone life, but during that lifetime, it creates the most amazing intricate designs which bring it necessary sustenance. Its one main feat is its egg sack which holds millions of tiny lives. The spider does not get input from its fellow spiders as to how to build the most effective web - it, instinctively, knows exactly what to do and how to do it, and that web will be unique to that spider. So, Bebe's image and message are urging you to discover the unique being that you are and to put that uniqueness forward. Create whatever it is that is unique to you - that special heart rhythm - that specific path - and do it without worrying about whether it is "good enough" or not. When it comes to your soul purpose, it is you who must put the pieces together for yourself without worrying about how others will react.

Your last card, Scorpio, is also quite dark and this being blends into the background nearly perfectly. She is unique as well - not exactly human-like, but close. She has a hairless head, eyes, a nose that kind of resembles the beak of a bird, a neck, shoulders and arms. Most unique here is that her arms create a huge heart shape. This heart is the most prominent part of her. She has her head turned just a tiny bit toward Bebe, yet her dark eyes are looking directly at you. These two cards, Bebe and this last card, are connected in a certain way. Let's flip this card over now and see what her message is to you.

Her name is Sulan and her subject matter is "The Image". She says: "There is something about the physical image that can take your breath away. Perhaps it is one specific characteristic such as the color of the eyes, the silkiness of the hair, or the natural softness of the skin. Everyone has at least one incredible feature. The true image, however, is reflected to the outside from the inside. Beautiful thoughts, kindness, compassion, sincerity, and the integrity list goes on. These things are what makes you truly irresistible."

Sulan's message, Scorpio, is about the heart which goes full circle back to Thimble at the beginning of this layout. What you hold in your heart is unique and beautiful. The experiences that created your heart's unique rhythm are yours and yours alone and no one will have the same, identical experiences as you have had. You may feel as though what your heart's rhythm dictates - what your soul purpose dictates - what your uniqueness dictates - is nothing compared to "what others have to offer". This is so very untrue and this is also why Bebe and Sulan are connected. It is that uniqueness - that ability to create something that no one else can create in exactly the same way and the heart that brings it forth that is what makes you just as wonderful as anyone else out there. Your heart, when it is following its soul path will "glow" bright and beautiful, no longer blending into the darkness, and the sincerity by which it comes forth, will be impossible for others to ignore. You must allow yourself to embrace your heart's desires. Hiding is no longer an option.

So, Scorpio, the gist of your 2018 forecast is that you have a unique heart rhythm that calls only to you. It is your soul purpose which you can discover by using that drum beat to bring forth the guidance you need to move forward on your life path. This discovery will allow you to see the uniqueness in yourself - showing you what you can create that is amazing and beautiful - and will finally allow you to be happy and secure in who you are. At that point, your heart will feel full and joyful and that beauty will shine out for everyone to see. Don't remain in the dark, Scorpio. It's not where you are meant to be. Happy New Year, Scorpio!

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This is the 2018 Scorpio Forecast featuring the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to this forecast on my YouTube channe...