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This is the 2018 Cancer Forecast done using the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to the forecast on my YouTube channel at  If you want to check out the Wee Folk Toracles deck for yourself, go to my website at

Your first card, Cancer, was also the first card in the Aries forecast, but this does not mean that the meaning of this card is the same for you as it was for Aries. With that said, what is seen in this first card is what may be considered a Leprechaun Wee Folk. He is actually larger than most of the Wee Folk that have been photographed and his overall "greenness" really stood out in the original photo. He is also the darkest card in your layout which means the eye is drawn to him. Dark does not necessarily mean bad or negative. It can just be the opposite of light or not being able to see something clearly. The cut of his thoroughly green hair is something that might be seen in the 70's. He's also wearing a white shirt with a green tie slung loosely over his shoulder and green pants that are tight around his ankles. This Leprechaun is quite mesmerized by something off to the left, but there are no cards in that direction. He doesn't appear to be moving at all - just standing and staring - as though rooted to the ground. Let's take a look at who he is and what he has to share with you.

His name is Patty and his subject matter is "The Four Leaf Clover". He says: "The Four Leaf Clover is said to be connected to good luck. In finding one, you may suddenly have something incredible happen. Was this four leaf clover really lucky for you? The answer is in your intention when you search for the four leaf clover. The Universe hears your intention and knows luck is needed. Finding the four leaf clover excites you, raising your positive vibration which strengthens your intention and allows the Universe to bring the good luck to you. Use intention and positive thinking. Allow the four leaf clover to remind you how the Universe works."

Patty's message to you, Cancer, seems to indicate that there is something specific you need - something that raises your vibration and brings out positive thinking. The fact that Patty is looking to the left where there are no cards AND the manner in which he is dressed tells us that he is peering into the past. He's looking and looking, but doesn't seem to be able to quite "see" what he is looking for. There is something blocking his vision. It is similar to having what you want to say on the tip of your tongue, but not quite being able to spit it out. Your vision, Cancer, of what you are seeking is just out of your grasp. This "something" is heart based as is shown by all the "greenness" in this card which correlates with a healthy heart chakra. This basically means that what you are seeking is something so important to you that it raises your heart vibration. Perhaps you are waiting for something incredible to happen - waiting to find that four leaf clover. However, if you remain standing still, rooted to the ground as Patty appears to be, you won't be able to find what you are searching for. After all, to find a four leaf clover, you must go into a clover field and go through many, many clovers very patiently in the hopes of finding one. Action of some sort is needed as is intention of what you wish to find.

The Wee Folk in the second position of your layout, Cancer, is quite unique. It isn't "human-looking" as many of the Wee Folk are in this Toracles deck. What is seen is a child-like being that looks like a leaf, doing its best to blend into it's surroundings but, as you can see, its coloring isn't quite right. It has a leaf shaped head, eyes, a tiny button nose and appears to be holding a round ball of some sort - perhaps a berry. This berry seems to be snugged up quite tightly as though this Wee Folk is afraid of dropping it or afraid someone will take it away. Notice, too, that this Wee Folk is looking straight at us which means this message is extra important to you. Let's flip this card over and see who this Wee Folk is and what message it has to share.

Her name is Coral and her subject matter is "The Seedling". She says: "Every living creature begins from a seed. Upon birth, the seed becomes a seedling. A seedling cannot remain a seedling forever. That seedling must grow and perhaps, eventually produce more seedlings to continue growth of the species. But, to understand the seedlings you produce, you must retain some of the seedling within yourself. In other words, you must remember the child you once were and allow that child to come forth in understanding and love. An adult who does not remember their inner child will cease to blossom. Remember how to play!"

Coral's message to you, Cancer, is that perhaps you are being too adult. Patty (in the first card) has his back to Coral which means that he is not willing to entertain her idea, so he remains rooted with no forward momentum. Perhaps what you need to "see" that elusive "something" that Patty is looking for in the past is a child-like perspective. If you notice, the berry or seed that Coral is holding is NOT up in front of her face, but is clutched close to the heart. This means that what you're looking for is "dear to your heart" or "was" dear to your heart when you were a child. It may have been something that you were not allowed to express or that you were afraid would make you different from everyone else if you allowed it to come forward. The fact is, now is the time to find that "something" because it raises your vibration, makes you think positively, is dear to your heart and is YOUR four leaf clover. The way to "see it", Coral says, is to remember that child within you.

Your third card, Cancer, shows an older woman with glasses resting on her long nose. She appears to be wearing an outfit very similar to a graduation cap and gown and seems to be studying something she is holding with great interest. There is green all around her too which, again, indicates a healthy heart chakra. This Wee Folk woman is also facing Coral (the second card) which means that Coral's message is quite important and worth paying attention to. Let's flip this card and see what this woman has to share.

Her name is Esmerelda and her subject matter is "The Journal". She says: "Writing - keeping record - of events that take place in your life is an incredible therapeutic tool. These written memories allow you to look back at what you have accomplished, identify the lessons learned and, if your eyes are open, you will be able to record signs and symbols you receive as the Universe and your Guides work with you on your life's path. The written record you create can give you insight you may miss if you do not stop to record these letters to yourself. Take the time and start your journal."

Esmerelda's message, Cancer, may or may not mean "keeping an actual journal". When placed together with the previous two cards, it sounds more like taking the time to "remember" what your life has been thus far. It is obvious from Patty's message that something very important is missing in your life and that Coral's message shows that it is something very important from your childhood. The only way to bring that message forth is to go back into your memories and "find" that four leaf clover. Esmerelda is also showing you that it is NEVER too late to begin a career in something as shown by her graduation gown and cap. Yes, it takes work, but when it is something you LOVE doing, it really doesn't seem like work. Esmerelda is sharing, too, that by finding this missing element in your life, you will be putting out a very clear message to the Universe, so that your guides and the Universe can work with you to accomplish what you've always wanted to do.

Your last card, Cancer, shows a young woman dressed in fancy clothing relaxing in the warmth of the sun. She appears to be reading something. She is wearing a fancy hat, a kind of vest with puffy sleeves and what appears to be a glove on the arm that can be seen. Her hair is dark and curly and she is peering downward. She and Esmerelda are facing opposite directions - they have their backs to one another. Let's flip this card and see what she has to say.

Her name is Arelia and her subject matter is "The Dreamer". She says: "Dreams - waking and sleeping - meet life when the mind is open and the events within these dreams are valued. There are answers to many of your life mysteries when you understand that the pictures you receive are given to you from the experiences of all your lifetimes. Take the time to romanticize waking dreams and to examine sleeping dreams. Give yourself the gift of foresight through dream travels."

Arelia's message to you, Cancer, is to allow yourself the luxury of relaxation, so that your mind can open up to all that you are meant to know. Everyone has dreams of what they wish to make of their lives and you are no different. Esmerelda has her back to Arelia, but this doesn't mean that she is rejecting what Arelia is saying. It means that Esmerelda needs you to pay attention to Coral and Patty's messages. Arelia, in facing the future, is saying that once you discover what it is you are looking for, you will be able to relax and enjoy what your heart has wanted you to do all along. Your life's path is dictated by your heart and that is what you need to find this year, Cancer.

So, Cancer, the gist of your forecast for 2018 is to understand that something is missing in your life that is keeping you rooted in one spot. This "something" is dear to your heart and something that you recognized in yourself in childhood, but were afraid to let others see. Bringing forth that inner child and going back through your life's memories will bring what you are missing back to the surface where it belongs. You can, then, start working with it as you were always meant to and all the obstacles and problems that you have had through the past will begin to heal and your life's path will be smoother. This doesn't mean there will never be obstacles again, but when your intention is strong, the Universe and your Guides know exactly how to help you achieve what you are working toward. Happy New Year, Cancer!

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