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This is the 2018 Virgo Forecast done using the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to this forecast on my YouTube channel at  If you want to check out the Wee Folk Toracles deck for yourself, go to my website at

Your first card, Virgo, is unique as it is one of the cards in the Wee Folk Toracles deck that is not of a human-like image. This little Wee Folk resembles a leaf - a young one or child leaf - and if its coloring had not been a bit duller than the leaves around it, it would have not been seen at all in the original photograph. This little being has a pointed head and rough skin. One eye is squinted and the other is open. It has a tiny nose and whisker-type cheeks like a cat on either side of that nose. It is clutching a ball or berry tightly with one paw. It is also looking straight at you which means this card is specifically important in this reading. Let's flip this card and see what this little one has to share.

Her name is Coral and her subject matter is "The Seedling". She says: "Every living creature begins from a seed. Upon birth, the seed becomes a seedling. A seedling cannot remain a seedling forever. That seedling must grow and perhaps, eventually, produce more seedlings to continue growth of the species. But, to understand the seedling you produce, you must retain some of the seedling within yourself. In other words, you must remember the child you once were and allow that child to come forth in understanding and love. An adult who does not remember their inner child will cease to blossom. Remember how to play!"

Coral's message, Virgo, seems to indicate that you have been taking life far too seriously and hanging on far too tightly to something you believe is important to you. The fact is, what you are hanging onto IS important - this "seed" or "idea" as it nourishes you - but you are hanging on so tightly that it does not have room to breathe and grow. Coral knows how important the berry or seed she is holding is to her, but she is only holding onto it with one paw. Perhaps you need to release your grip a bit on what you are hanging on so tightly to. You can still hang on to it - should hang on to it - but do it with just one hand (metaphorically speaking). Doing this will allow it to manifest into something much bigger that will nourish you even more. You might even consider playing with it a bit. Being too serious can also stunt its growth, but playing will allow it some freedom to be creative, again, giving the opportunity for growth.

Your second card, Virgo, shows a human-like Wee Folk. He wears a type of crown, is very pale, has long dark hair, and holds a staff. He may seem pale due to the fact that his eyes are so dark. This doesn't appear to be due to sunglasses as there is no nose bridge piece. His eyes just appear to be dark patches. He, too, is facing you directly which, again, puts great importance on this card. Since he can not see you due to the patches on his eyes, you can consider that he is using his other senses to know that you are there. His royal image seems to be "less than real". If he were truly royalty, would he be hiding amongst the leaves as he is? Let's flip this card and see what he has to share with you.

His name is Barrister and his subject matter is "The Royal Guard". He says: "The Royal Guard depicts the conscious mind. Its job is to protect you and to make certain that you follow all rules and regulations that society imposes upon you. This Royal Guard has no patience for individual thought. It guards the entrance to your subconscious mind with a vengeance as that is the vault that holds all that is possible. To enter, the Royal Guard must be diverted. Meditation, hypnosis, and writing - any of these will require the Royal Guard to step aside - giving you access to all the amazing secrets of your existence."

Barrister's message to you, Virgo, is about finding truth. Your seriousness and your desire to do "everything the right way" is stunting your natural growth. Because you do not play as much as you should, your sight has become the "sight" of an adult instead of the glorious vision of a child who can see that "anything is possible". You "sense" that there is something very important you need to do, but cannot seem to "see" what that is. When you consider it or think about it, your conscious mind fills you full of untruths about what will happen if you follow what you are thinking about. This has to do with that "berry" you have been clutching so tightly. You are clutching it to your chest - to your heart - and your heart wants it to flourish into something amazing, but your conscious mind tells you that this is not possible. The conscious mind is not a bad thing as it keeps you safe within the "knowns" of life, but it absolutely refuses to accept change of any kind and it's change that you need, so you can get the nutrients you need to grow.

Your third card, Virgo, shows an elite young woman lying comfortably on the moss. She is, obviously, quite well-to-do with her fancy hat, styled curly hair, vest cape, and what looks like a glove on the arm that can be seen. She is focused on something in front of her on the ground - perhaps a book she is reading. She is very relaxed and not the least bit worried about anything that might be going on around her, but she does have her back to Barrister in the second card which means that she does not endorse what the conscious mind is playing at with you. Let's flip this card over and see what she has to say.

Her name is Arelia and her subject matter is "The Dreamer". She says: "Dreams - waking and sleeping - meet life when the mind is open and the events within these dreams are valued. There are answers to many of your life mysteries when you understand that the pictures you receive are given to you from the experiences of all your lifetimes. Take the time to romanticize waking dreams and to examine sleeping dreams. Give yourself the gift of foresight through dream travels."

Arelia's message, Virgo, is about relaxation and dreaming. Both of these, along with the other three mentioned by Barrister, can allow you to move the conscious mind out of your way and see into the subconscious mind. This is the place where you can imagine anything. You can be wealthy here. You can be genius here. You can create whatever your heart desires here. You can explore who you've been in past lives and determine your strengths and weaknesses from what you learned in those lives. Imagination and thought must come before anything can actually come into being. So, what is that "idea" that you've been clutching so tightly to your heart? What is it that you want it to grow into? These are answers you can get through dreaming and through your subconscious mind if you are willing to relax your grip enough and see what happens.

Your last card, Virgo, shows what can only be described as a fairy. Her hair is in a bun like Tinkerbell and, though we cannot see her face clearly, we can see her wings and the obvious trail she is leaving as she "takes off" with a blast from the leaves below her. She is looking forward and, since she has "taken off" as quickly as she has, you can assume that she is going to move forward just as quickly. She is ready and rearing to get to whatever destination she has. This card is also very different in coloring from the other three and this causes the eye to notice it first. This makes it the most important card in your layout. Let's flip this card and see what her message to you is about.

Her name is Fawn and her subject matter is "The Myth". She says: "I am the myth, yet here I am - a mythical fairy right before your very eyes. My existence is not based on your belief in me. Can you say the same about your own existence? Are you living your life as your heart dictates or are you living based on the belief of others? If you are living based on others' beliefs, your heart is not joyful. I am a myth, yet I fly, I laugh, I play, I sing, I love. How can I do all of this without your belief? Simple. I believe in myself!"

Fawn is sharing with you, Virgo, that your existence - what you strive for, what you want, how you wish to live, what you want to believe in - is not dependent upon the beliefs of other people. It is dependent on what you believe about yourself. If you believe in fairies and someone else does not, you will not be happy if you deny your belief. You must be true to yourself. Fawn is telling you that ANYTHING is possible - you can do anything your heart desires - if you believe in yourself. Basically, if you don't believe in yourself, you do not exist except as other people expect to see you. Believing in yourself will give you "wings" (in a metaphoric sense) and allow you to "take off" toward the destination you have in your heart at whatever speed you choose to go. Nothing can stop you.

So, Virgo, the gist of this 2018 reading is that you need to take whatever it is that you are holding onto so tightly and so secretly and release your grip a bit. This is the only way you can play with this idea and allow it to grow as it is meant to grow because it is the way to your heart's path if you just allow it to grow as it should. This means quieting the conscious mind at times, so you can actually see the possibilities to what you can create from this idea. AND, most importantly, to bring everything into reality the way you envision it, you MUST believe in yourself. Believe in the fact that you CAN do whatever you set your mind to, no matter what anyone else tries to tell you. Your heart is dictating something specific to you and you need to follow up on it because that is where your happiness lies. Happy New Year, Virgo!

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