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This is the 2018 Taurus Forecast done using the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to this forecast on my YouTube channel at  If you want to check out the Wee Folk Toracles deck for yourself, go to my website at

The first card, Taurus, shows a woman walking toward the left, treading carefully toward what appears to be nowhere as there are no cards to the left of her. She is dressed either like a nun or a woman from medieval times with a long dress and a veil covering her entire head. All around her is green and her dress and veil are green as well. The impression is that she is hiding from something, blending in with her coloring and obscuring her face with the veil, but she is having a difficult time hiding because she is also glowing with light from head to toe. This is what made her stand out in the original photograph. Let's flip over the card and see what she has to share with you.

Her name is Oyen and her subject matter is "The Light Bringer". She says:
"Light is a  high vibration. It is cheerful, bubbly, humble, the life of the party, serene and beautiful. Perhaps you know someone who can light up a room. Perhaps you are this person. A light bringer is brought to you when life gets tough though they may not seem to have all the qualities listed. Wisdom comes in many forms and is usually accompanied by light. Trust that however the light bringer comes, you will want to be open to what they have to offer - light, love, and a new perspective."

Oyen is telling you, Taurus, that you have something special. Perhaps this is a special wisdom or a unique ability to make others feel good about themselves or a way of helping people see the "other side of the coin." For some reason, you seem to want to hide this special part of you - just wanting to be left alone - but people find you anyway because of the light you subconsciously seem to emanate. The harder you try to hide, the more people seem to find you. This "light bringer" aspect of you has been with you for a long time. This means it is engrained in you through past lives (past energy) when you lived as a nun bringing love, compassion, and solace to others. This was also the case when you lived in Medieval times (as a woman) and fought for a cause that you felt was unjust that had to do with people of lesser means. Chances are, your hesitation of allowing this part of yourself to come forward now is due to having been punished somehow in these past lives. These memories are carried within your subconscious mind and, often, bring reactions to certain things that we cannot explain. In this case, it is stopping you from being the "light bringer" you are meant to be. Oyen is telling you to open up to this special gift and to let it come forth in all its glory.

The second card shows what might be considered a Gremlin. He is very small, sitting on a branch. One pointed ear can be seen, one leg, and he has a glow around him as well. There is what appears to be a white wing coming from his back, but this is an illusion. In the original photograph, this was part of the branch he is sitting on. He is facing Oyen (from the first card) and his mouth is open as though shouting at her. He appears to be either really angry or frustrated because he is so small and it is difficult to project his voice loud enough to be heard. Let's flip over the card and find out who he is and what he has to say.

His name is Hallow and his subject matter is "The Imp". He says:

"Within each one of us is an imp. Its nature is fun loving, harmless, a jokester, and the secretive and mysterious smile. In young children, unfettered by society rules, the imp can be clearly seen. In adults, the imp is invisible in most - hazy and slightly noticeable in a few. The imp is the joy of innocence and fun - needed for the adult to see clearly as they saw as children. The imp, or inner child, is needed to keep the heart young. After all, laughter is the best medicine,yes?"

Hallow is offering you a way to work with your "light bringer" energy. Perhaps, in your attempt to hide your special talent, you have put out a persona of gruffness and lack of caring even though that is not truly how you wish to be or what you want to show others. Perhaps you are worried that if you bring out the "light bringer" side of you, people might look at you in a less than desirable way even if what you are sharing is enlightenment. Once in a while, your wisdom will slip out and your light will shine through, but then you feel the need to somehow cover up what you've just said or done, switching gears quickly and becoming the Gremlin. Hallow is telling you to bring forth the innocence you had as a child, so you can remember what it was like to have fun and how good it felt to help and be acknowledged by other people. For children, this is as natural as breathing. Their hearts are wide open and full. Let your "imp" come out to play. When you do, you will feel lighter, your heart will begin to heal, and you will begin to embrace the "light bringer" part of you.

The third card is quite dark, but dark does not necessarily mean bad or negative. Sometimes it just means the opposite of "light" or "difficulty seeing". Within this card is a very unique tribal type mask. At first glance, it is eerie looking, but in closer examination, it is amazing to see the work that went into creating such a beautiful piece. This mask is surrounded by darkness, but there are parts of it that glow, almost as though it is slowly coming to life. Let's flip the card over and see what this Wee Folk has to say.

His name is Rathorn and his subject matter is "The Mask". He says:

"In the world, as you know it, everyone wears a mask. This mask hides fear. Fear that others will not accept you if they see who you really are. The mask, however, is pointless. It is impossible to hide your true self from anyone as we are all a part of one another and of something much bigger. If you remove your mask, would you recognize yourself? Perhaps it is time to allow your authentic self to be seen. you will love the 'new' you."

Rathorn's message to you, Taurus, is quite clear and flows along with the messages given by Oyen and Hallow. Like everyone, you have created your "mask", building it out with intricate detail and making it an amazing piece of artwork. This "artwork" is what you allow others to see. However, this "mask" is just that - a piece of art. It has parts of the real you and these parts are what glow, but the rest of it is hiding who you really are. You are comfortable within it, but it is hiding the "light bringer" that you are which is why you see this gorgeous tribal mask so unclearly in the darkness of this card. Rathorn is urging you to take this mask off and embrace your true, authentic self. He's also letting you know that taking your mask off would not be as much of a shock to others as you might think because they know, on a soul level, who you really are anyway. They are just waiting patiently for you to emerge.

The last card, Taurus, shows another unique being. In the original photo she stands high up in the trees, very solid, and sure of her footing. She wears a gold head band attached to a kind of helmet and appears to be dressed similar to a "super hero", yet this doesn't appear to be clothing that can be removed - it is a part of her. She is very clearly looking at Rathorn with a no nonsense type stance and no fear and seems to be almost challenging him. Let's flip the card over and see what she has to share with you.

Her name is Tapay and her subject matter is "The Warrior". She says:

"To give yourself to others is noble. Do not mistake being a giving person with someone who saves nothing of themself for themself. When giving is taken for granted, exhausting the giver, the warrior must be allowed to come forth. This warrior is strong - yet kind, firm- yet understanding and, if allowed, can bring the giving of the self back to a healthy perspective. The warrior listens to the heart to make an informed decision whether to say yes or no. The warrior's heart speaks true."

Taurus, what Tapay is offering you here is an answer to the question that may have formed in your mind as you considered Rathorn's suggestion to remove your mask, Hallow's suggestion to bring forth the faith of your inner child, and Oyen's recognition of you as a light bringer. Your fear may be that others will take advantage of you and you will find yourself trapped in a place you don't wish to be. Tapay is offering you balance. You can be certain that when you remove your mask, you will be on firm footing and that you will be protected by your natural armor. This armor, of course, is metaphorical, but still powerful. You would not have been given the gift of a "light bringer" if you were not able to handle what comes your way. You have the warrior within you - it is the part of you that can discern what causes to accept and what causes to let go. It is the part of you that knows when you are being taken advantage of and when you know that you have given too much and need rest. This warrior part of you knows how to be tactful, yet firm when others are asking too much of you and the energy exchange is not equal. Tapay is challenging you to remove your mask and become that true, authentic self.

So, Taurus, 2018 is going to be an amazing year for you if you are willing to accept what the Wee Folk have shared here. Recognize and trust the warrior in you to protect you when you remove your mask and allow others to see your true, authentic self. Go forth with the faith and love of a child and allow others to see and feel the wonderful gift you have to offer as "light bringer". Share your special gifts with the world! It's time. Happy New Year, Taurus!

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