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This is the 2018 Leo Forecast done using the Wee Folk Toracles deck. If you prefer, you can listen to this forecast on my YouTube channel at  If you want to check out the Wee Folk Toracles deck for yourself, go to my website at

Your first card, Leo, shows a very stylish Wee Folk  What we can see of her is very chic with her large hat complimenting her hairless head with just the right earring accent. It is obvious that she has put thought into her style and what she wishes to reflect. Despite this beautiful style, she is sitting sideways behind a log and behind tall reeds. We can see her shoulder and part of her arm and her knees. She blends in so well to her surroundings that if she didn't have the large hat, she could have easily been missed in the original photograph. She is also looking over her shoulder as though spooked by something behind her. It is obvious that she is hiding, trying very hard to go unseen. Let's flip the card and see what this Wee Folk has to share with you.

Her name is Ursula and her subject matter is "The Under Belly". She says: "We all have a soft under belly - a place within us that is vulnerable to others. We try our best to protect this place, but we somehow give this secret away. Inevitably, it seems to get used against us. You do not need to have this soft, vulnerable under belly. You can work with yourself to discover the root cause of this soft spot, come to terms with it and let it go. You would be amazed at how quick the soft under belly heals. You are not a victim unless you choose to be."

Ursula's message, Leo, tells you that whatever it is you are afraid of does not have to be an issue. There is no need to be looking over your shoulder, worried about what is behind you, because whatever has happened to you in the past does not need to be an issue in 2018. It can remain with you, of course, if that is how you want it, but as Ursula says, "You are not a victim unless you choose to be." You have great style and an amazing ability to inspire others if you just allow that part of yourself to come forth. You will attract many, some of them not always kind, but that's okay. When you are secure in who you are, it doesn't matter what others think or say. Discovering what that soft, vulnerable spot from the past is and healing it is the goal for 2018.

Your second card, Leo, shows an older woman. This card is much brighter than the first. This woman is sitting and seems to be quite focused on something she has in her hands. She also looks quite studious with glasses across the top of her nose and she is wearing something that appears to resemble a graduation cap and gown. She could be a professor of some sort or an older student of a specific subject. She is so focused that it doesn't seem she is noticing her surroundings at all and these surroundings are actually somewhat blurred - they seem quite unimportant. She is also facing Ursula in the first card and it must be mentioned again the stark contrast between these two cards. Ursula (the first card) is nearly colorless. This card is full of gorgeous tones of green. The impression here is that this older woman is telling you that "coming out of your shell" and putting the past behind you can bring forth amazing opportunity. Let's flip this card over and see who she is and what she has to share.

Her name is Esmerelda and her subject matter is "The Journal". She says: "Writing - keeping record - of events that take place in your life is an incredible therapeutic tool. These written memories allow you to look back at what you have accomplished, identify lessons learned and, if your eyes are open, you will be able to record signs and symbols you receive as the Universe and your Guides work with you on your life's path. The written record you create can give you insight you may miss if you do not stop to record these letters to yourself. Take the time and start your journal."

Esmerelda's message, Leo, is one of clarity. She is showing you what can happen for you if you allow yourself to recognize and understand what is keeping you "down" or "hidden". Whether or not you keep a journal is not the focus here. What IS the focus are your memories - good and bad. These memories, as Esmerelda says, can allow you to take stock of those things that have affected you in both positive and negative ways. They can allow you to see what has worked for you and what hasn't worked for you. They can allow you to focus on something of importance to you instead of focusing on yourself and all that you feel you are not. This focus is important and is something you are meant to be doing - a part of your life's path. The Universe and your Guides are ready and willing to work with you, but you need to allow the past to be the past and recognize what it is you should truly be focusing on. The difference in apparent age between Ursula in the first card and Esmerelda in the second card is sharing two things. The first is that once you have discovered your focus, it won't be an overnight accomplishment, but will take time. It is also saying that no matter what your current age, it is never too late to find that focus and create something amazing with it for yourself.

Your third card, Leo, is a Wee Folk that can be described as a Leprechaun. He is a dapper dresser with white shirt and fitted pants and his hair style is full and unique. The one thing that is most noticeable here is the tie he is wearing which is around his neck, but carelessly slung over his shoulder. He is also quite focused as he looks at Esmerelda in the second card which means he is paying very close attention to her message. He is standing ever so still, not moving a muscle, and has a very serious facial expression. Let's flip this card and see what he has to share with you.

His name is Patty and his subject matter is "The Four Leaf Clover". He says: "The Four Leaf Clover is said to be connected to good luck. In finding one, you may suddenly have something incredible happen. Was this four leaf clover really lucky for you? The answer is in your intention when you search for the four leaf clover. The Universe hears your intention and knows luck is needed. Finding the four leaf clover excites you, raising your positive vibration which strengthens your intention and allows the Universe to bring the good luck to you. Use intention and positive thinking. Allow the four leaf clover to remind you how the Universe works."

Patty's message to you, Leo, is about finding that focus that Esmerelda speaks about. It isn't all just a matter of good luck or being in the right place at the right time. You must make the effort to "find your four leaf clover" - standing still and considering what it is that you want isn't going to bring it to you. The Universe and your Guides will help you if you set a very clear, strong intention, but only if you are also moving forward yourself. Do not, however, take yourself so seriously that you forget to relax from time to time. If you are all work and don't allow yourself to "sling that tie" once in a while, the Universe will step in and make sure that you take time to rest or have some fun.
Your last card, Leo, appears to be a kind of warrior Wee Folk. He is wearing a helmet and chest armor and seems to have either armor or a type of cloak over the shoulder and arm that can be seen. Though his face is a bit blurred, we can still see his eyes, nose and mouth, though no particular facial expression. It is obvious, though, that he is looking straight at you which means this card is very important to this reading. There are several other beings in this card as well, but they are a "sideline" to this main warrior-like Wee Folk. Let's flip this card and see what his message says.

His name is Baron and his subject matter is "The Guardian". He says: "The Guardian is the protector of hopes and dreams. There are never any hopes and dreams that are foolish or impossible no matter what others may say. Hopes and dreams are what keeps you moving forward on your life path or toward your life path. If you do not have hopes and dreams, you are like a ship lost in the vastness of the ocean without the "hope" of any clear direction. Allow yourself the luxury of hoping and dreaming - whether big or small - it costs you nothing. It does, however, open a path where direction and guidance are given."

Baron's message, Leo, is both a warrior mentality and a dreamer mentality. You must, in finding your focus, allow yourself to dream of "what can be" because these dreams and these hopes can strengthen your intention and allow you to determine what direction you truly wish to go. They are like a compass without which you would just be blowing around in the wind. The warrior is there to make sure that you don't allow others to "talk you out of" what you are endeavoring to do (or dream into reality), thus the lack of focus on the other beings on the card. If you are afraid to have hopes and dreams, your path will be blocked because the Universe and your Guides will have no clear idea of what direction you wish to take. Imagine yourself as this warrior covered in armor which means he is ready to take on whatever comes his way. He forges forward toward his hopes and dreams, passing by those who don't support his plan and stopping to spend time with those who do. He fears nothing because he has a cause he truly believes in.

So, Leo, the gist of 2018 is to discover what it is that has been holding you back and release all thoughts that you are a victim of any kind. Find a focus, something that you can be passionate about and work toward that focus. When you are actively working toward something specific, the Universe and your Guides know how to work with you. Then, add your hopes and dreams to that focus. Picture what it is you would like this focus to bring you and make it a reality with those hopes and dreams. Don't allow anyone to discourage you or what you wish to accomplish. Happy New Year, Leo!

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